Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


19. Never Expected


"awwwwwwwwwww" everybody said as they watch Zayn and Sammy get together I sat next to Harry and Niall "so Niall have you found a girlfriend yet?" i asked casualy "nope not yet but i'm looking for someone" "ok who ever is single raise their hand" said Niall i raised my and so did he and...Liam did too i was trying to ignore him but he is just so cute "so Liam Niall and Liz" said Harry "what do you look for in a girl Niall?" "ehm someone sweet funny not too full of herself and cute" he said "what about you Liam" "I think someone sweet funny loving caring a bit crazy and a bit shy" wow he just discribed me did he do that on purpouse? no probubly not "how about you?" Harry asked looking at me "remid me again why we are doing this?" i said "i don't know just for fun" he said "ehm..." there was a pause when i see a familior fase "micheal?" i whisperd no one heard me i ran out the door "MICHEAL" i said running to hug him he was one of my friend that whent on a vacation "LIZZY!!!" he said happly he lifted me up and tworled me around in the air probubly not the best idea i was whering a dress "michael don't i have a dress!!!" i said hiting him on the arm "sorry Lizzy i just missed you so much" "me too Micheal" "so how have you been?" "great it's been good did you hear that Harry is in the biggest boyband in the world?" "realy where is he?" "ehm right there" i said pointing to harry all of them where right ther just looking at us "oh hey Harry" "hey whats up Michael?" said Harry they wher good friends also "nothing much just came from a vacation from Mexico" "cool i've been there for one of my tours it's lovely" he said "so Micheal do you have a girlfriend yet?" i asked he has always been one of those boys that don't date alot "no still single" he said "you?" "same" i said "your such a loner Micheal" i said laghing "oh shut up you don't have a boyfriend either" he said "what ever" i said rolling my eyes "what ever uh" he said mimicing me in a girly way also rolling his eyes. Liam looked a bit sad i wonder why?

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