An Elephant's Last Breath

I would just like i am NOT a crazy save the planet girl. I wrote this for my school with the idea that this is what it would feel like to loose a close friend. Since I don't like killing people in my poems this how it came out.


1. An Elephant's Last Breath


Bang went the gun

And as the creature fell

I ran out of hiding

Each step was lost in mud

Each breath was lost in space

Once again the man aimed at my friend

With an effort I reached her

Breath fluttered from her lips

Her skin was cold to the touch

I glared at him

Warning him not to shoot again

I knew why he did it

the need for money was so great

I looked down at her face

Begging her not die

But my hopes were soon gone

Her eyes were far away

But there was still that spark of life

Shining in her eyes

And I knew if elephants could speak

She would say

Please protect my family

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