A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


24. Get Fancy

Jared's POV-
Me and Cavin were talking.. "Okay, so you tell Hailey and I will tell Des." I tell him. He nods and we both walk to the cabin. The girls left a note, " Gone to the arcade on the 3rd floor. ~Des-Hailey." I read the note and we make our way on the 3rd floor. They had headphones on and they were using the guns and killing things. "They are hot when their gamers." Cavin said. "Agreed" . I say. We stand behind them and I wrap my arms around Destiny's waist. She takes off her headphones and turns around and kisses me. I whisper into her ear. "Be fancy by 8:30pm, we are going out." She nods and gives me another kiss and runs down to the cabin.

Destiny's POV-
"So, since we are getting ready..When are you gonna tell Cavin the big surprise? I ask. "At dinner." She replies. "Eep! It's gonna be exciting to watch! I screech. So we continue to get ready. I wear a knee length dress that is white with patting in the boob area. And I wear white heels. I add some nice earings. With light lip gloss. Hailey looked so beautiful. She had a aqua color dress on, with the same color flats, and lip gloss. Also, she had silver earings Cavin gave her for her 15th birthday.
We were all fancy.

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