Rite to Life

In a future, yet illusive world, society is divided into three factions. No one ever speaks of Faction One since the feud between people and the king. Nara is from Faction Two. She has survived sixteen years under the care of volunteers. Sixteen years of living in Faction Two is like living in eighteenth century London, although that place doesn’t exist any more. Nara has dreamed of life in Faction Three, a safe, prosperous haven, a sanctuary, where her birth parents wait for her. Only the Rite separates them. Every citizen at aged sixteen must undergo the Rite to gain access into Faction Three, the land of the perfect beings. The Rite corrects all imperfections and flaws, gives people the Third Eye. A higher level of consciousness. When she finally gets to Faction Three, cracks begin to show. Secrets are soon revealed to Nara and she must do everything in her power to expose them to the population. Faction Three is not what it seems. It is a dark, cryptic place


1. Prologue


Policy of the Third Eye:


·         Every citizen of Faction Two will experience the Rite of the Third Eye at the age of sixteen. Those who achieve the new level of consciousness will be delivered to the island of Faction Three.

·         Upon arrival, the new citizens will be entertained within the guarded walls of Faction Three and will enjoy luxury, prosperity and harmony.

·         All children will be born inside the walls of Faction Three, taken to Faction Two after birth and will live under the care of volunteers.

·         These children will be reunited with their birth parents after passing the Rite. All those who have failed the Rite will not be permitted to leave the grounds of Faction Two. These citizens will be automatically registered as volunteers.

·         Citizens from either Faction are not permitted to travel to the island of Faction One.

·         Businesses from either Faction are not permitted to buy any resources or materials from Faction One.

·         All resources and materials must be traded with the Other Kingdoms only. No exceptions.

·         Any form of contact between citizens and Faction One will be punishable by execution.

·         Any sign of resistance from either Faction will be dealt with severely. Noncompliance is impermissible.

Document approved by His Majesty, King Aldwyn, the rightful heir to the throne of Faction Two and Three.

Dated 1st March 2053

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