Niall is my brother... Why won't you believe me?


2. chapter two


I walked around school for a while, leaving Austin to get back to his job, before he got fired. I would hate for him to get fired, considering my Mum doesn't let me out the house so I can't see him any other time other than when I skip lessons. I know, shocking right? But I understand my Mums reasoning. I live half an hour from everyone, and since my sister is only three and my dad walked out on us, she can't just come get me any time at night. It can get annoying when I don't get to see anyone unless I'm at school. But I am used to it now.

"What are you doing out of lessons?" Mr. Berry snapped me out of my thoughts. 

"Oh, well, I had to go to see Austin in reception to get my tablets for my bad knees, when he suddenly got a phone call off Kathie Marie's mum saying that she had just got a text off her daughter that she had been attacked outside, so I went with Austin to bring her into the reception so that her mum could take her to the hospital to get checked out."

It wasn't a total lie... But it wasn't the full truth.

"Well, now you should run to your lesson, instead of wandering round the school." I rolled my eyes at this. Ha. As if I was going to go to lesson. 

"That's where I'm off to, Mr. Berry. But I cannot walk too fast because my knee cracks and then I am in too much pain to even stand up and then I cannot get to lesson, because I'll have to sit down and sort my knee out."

Mr. Berry knew he wouldn't get much further with me. I had an answer for everything. He couldn't say anything to me. He just walked off and left me standing there by myself in the middle of the corridor.

"Bye." I shouted after him. It's always nice to be polite, I think to myself, instead of just being totally ignorant. 

I start walking again. I don't know where I am heading off to, though. I just keep walking around the school for a while. Then I see someone I know. It's Emily. My cousin. Yay.

"Oh, hey, Sierra. What you doing out of lesson?"

Emily was a little suck up to the teachers. She was constantly doing after school classes, and making sure that all students were in lessons all of the time. She made sure nobody was in the toilets or hanging around  near the field. She gave out detentions to people she seen smoking, taking drugs, drinking or even sitting outside of lessons. You got a detention off her if you had been sent out to get something from another classroom. She is really petty and pathetic. And even though she is my cousin, I take the mick out of her big time, and laugh at her constantly. But it wasn't always like that. I used to stick up for her when she would get A* in all of her work, and people would call her names for being so smart. I stuck up for her for years... Until she became hall monitor and gave me constant detentions. And they were for stupid things like going home after being sick, being sick and staying at school, having to go to reception to take my tablets for my bad knees.

And one time, she gave me a detention for being Austin's girlfriend.

Wanna know why?

Because she is jealous of me.

She's liked Austin for about three years, but he never even looked twice at her. He always talked to me and flirted with me. And she didn't like that. 

"Oh, hey Emily. Oh, I just had to go take my tablets for my knees. But they haven't kicked in yet and they are very very very sore, so I can't walk very fast, so I am just on my way to lesson. But if I walk to fast my knee cracks and then I'm in pain for days and literally cannot walk."

Emily started scribbling something down in her notepad thing for giving out detentions and then ripped that piece of paper out and gave me it. 

"I shall see you at 3.15 for your detention. You don't leave your lesson to take tablets. That is not the school rules, Sierra. Haven't you learned that yet?"

I rolled my eyes at my annoying, snobby, stuck up, idiot of a cousin. "You try having a lot of pain in your knees all day every day, Emily. Then you can stop telling me off for having to take tablets."

Emily started scribbling something down in her notepad thing again.

"Don't talk back to me."

"Don't be stuck up and snobby."

"Don't be stupid."

"Don't be a teachers pet."

"Don't be such a whore!"

Emily practically shouted that at me, just as the bell rung for lunch and everyone came out of the classrooms around us. Ha, just in time. 

After everyone is standing in the corridor looking at Emily as though she has just killed someone, she runs off. She is so embarrassed that she said that when everyone can hear. She just sounded mean. Nobody will listen to her again. That's how it worked in this school. If you're mean, then nobody respects you at all.




sorry guys, i didn't know what else to put, but niall horan should be coming in to the story in the next part.

love ya's lots.




mwah xxxxxxxx

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