This love is a lie

Mackenzie Collins, shes not the skinnest person, not the smartest person and in her eyes not the prettiest, but some how ends up dating a member of One Direction, but hes never really loved her, someone else in the band does...


1. 1

I lay in bed, waiting for my puppy Bambu (Bamboo) to jump on me and wake me up, and on cue in comes my adorable labrador puppy, Bambu. She jumps on me and gets me to stand up. i walk through the hallway to Kian's room, my friend, and let Bambu jump on him and his girlfirend Alex. "hey you stupid flea bag" Kian says patting Bambu, "morning Lex" I say picking up Bambu and walking out the door to the kitchen.

I feed Bambu and step on the scales, yeah I know what your thinking, shes so skinny and she wants to be even skinner, well no, I am actually a little overweight and I am trying to become a bit skinner for the summer. I walk to my room and get changed into my uniform for work, I work for Jack wills, its pretty good pay.

Its usually the same people who say it to me as i walk along the street, a whole list, fat, ugly, poor... they are all losers and I try not to pay attention to them most days. "Hows it going, Jade?" I say walking through the doors, she just smiles at me and nods and continues serving a customer, "Kenzie, you can get of work early if you want to" my boss Grant says to me, "mkay thanks" I say and start working.


Harry's POV

I was going for a jog and saw a pretty girl walk past, she gave me a pleasant smile, she kept walking and was tripped by a guy, i walked over to her and helped her up, "thanks you" she said while i had hold of her hand and started to lift her, I heard a click behind me and knew it was paparazzi. I let go of her hand and she started walking, "excuse me, I'm Harry, um you might not have noticed but, you may be on the television or all over twitter" I said letting her know, "um ok, why is that exactally, oh and Im Kenzie, well actually Mackenzie, but Kenzie's fine" "hi Kenzie, I am famous and the paparazzi will make up stories and say your my girlfriend" I said awkwardly standing there, "oh ok, thats alright" she said, "um heres my number if you need anything or people are bugging you" i said handing her a small sheet of paper, "here i will put mine on your hand" I held my hand out and she wrote her number down.

We said bye and walked in our direction, I pulled my phone out and typed her number in and checked my twitter, everyone was tweeting asking about Mackenzie. I kept walking and eventually made it back to my house and went and had a nice cool shower, thinking about what pressure Mackenzie must be going through.



yeah its not that good so far, but i will try and make it better ;)

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