Do You Remember the Summer of '09

Megan met him in the summer of '09, the summer before he auditioned for the xFactor. She was his summer love. They lost touch for 3 years. Now it's the summer of 2012 and Niall is 1/5 of the greatest boy band ever, One Direction. When Niall is asked to write 2 songs for the new album he has a hard time thinking of something to write about. He starts going threw old pictures hopping for some insaration when he sees one of him and a girl. he turns it over and on the back it says: Megan and Niall Summer of '09. All his memories oof that summer flood back and he starts writing. When him and the boys go on the "Take Me Home" world tour Niall runs into someone familiar. Would their feelings for eachother be as strong as they where 3 years ago, or will they be even stronger than ever before?


1. Truth or Dare



Summer '09


"Truth or Dare Megan?" Ally asked.

"Dare!" I said while taking a drink from my water.

"Ok. Ummm... I dare you to go over to that boy over there and ask him out." she with an evile grin.

She pointed to a very atractive guy. He had blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. He had a childish face that was still round so he couldnt be much older than 15. But god was he cute. He was sitting with a group of 4 other guys.

I need to remind myself to never play truth or dare with a group of my friends.

"Ugh fine."

I walked over to where they were all sitting on the beach. "Hi... Umm I'm Megan... My friends kinda dared me to come over here and talk to you guys." I said.

"Hi Megan, I'm Niall and these are my friends Max, Nick, Austin, and Conor." he said with a thick Iresh accent.

Max had shaggy brown hair and green eyes. Nick had brown hair that was styled into a quiff, and bright blue/green eyes. Austin had short brown hair and brown eyes. Conor had blond hair that was styled into a quiff and brown eyes. They where all very fit and had a nice tan.

"Megan come sit by me!" Austin said while patting the sand between him and Niall.

I walked over and sat "So what brings you boys to London?" I asked.

"Well we're on summer break and we all decided to come up here from Ireland for one last summer together before university." Niall explained.

"What brings you here?" Max asked. asked.

"Well I live here actually and me and that crazy group over there decided to come up here and spend the day." I explained while pointing to my friends.

"MEGAN! Get over here!" Alyssa yelled.

"Sorry I gotta go. See 'ya round." I said and stood up.

"Bye Megan!" They all called after me and waved.

I waved back and headed over to my group.

"So what did they say?" Ally asked as soon as I was within hearing range.

"Well they're visiting here from Ireland and umm ya!" I said.

I turned back towards where Niall and his friends where and saw him coming our way.

"Hey Megan umm can I talk to you for a minute?" Niall asked.

I looked at my friends and they where telling me to go with their eyes. "Sure!" I agreed.

I followed him towards the water.

"Umm I know we just met and all but will you go out with me tomorrow night? 'Ya know as friends?" He asked.

I felt the heat crawling up my to my cheeks. "Ummm... I think I can. But let me check real fast ok." I said pulling out my phone.

I opened up the calendar and checked.


Me and Katie are going shipping then. Oh well I'm sure she'll understand.

"No I'm free."

"Ok great I'll pic you up at 8:00."

"Ok sounds great. Oh Niall can I have your number?"

"Oh ya, here." He said handing me his phone. I handed him mine and we put our numbers in each others phones.

"By Niall." I said heading back over to my friends.

"By Megan! I'll call you later." He called and headed in the opposite direction.

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