Florida Paradise- A one direction fan fic

Layla, Bree, and Abby all go to florida for a few weeks to hang out and go to a one direction concert. They seem to get on really well with the boys..Read to find out what happens from the secrets to the horrible things that they tell eachother that has happened in the past. Will this be for the best or worst...


1. Chapter 1. enjoy(:


It was 4 in the morning when my alarm clock started buzzing. I instantly woke up and ran to the other side of my room to wake up my friend. I jumped on her and started screaming, “ABBY, WAKE UP!!! WE ARE LEAVING SOON!!!” I then ran out of my room and into my sister Bree’s room and jumped on her bed. “BREE ITS TIME TO GET UUUUP!!! WE GET TO LEAVE SOON!” She then pushed me off of her, Layla, shut up your going to wake mom up! I just laughed at her. Okay well time to get ready I said with a wink then left her room and when back to my room. Abby was sitting up looking more tired than I have ever seen her. I started laughing. Hey there sunshine! I said with a grin. She gave me one of her fake laughs and said haha very funny and threw a pillow at me. Im gonna go shower, I said. Whatever she replied. I walked to the end of the hall and went in the bathroom. I was very excited for today. Abby my bestfriend, Bree my sister, and I are flying to florida for a one direction concert then we are sooo excited for!! Abby and I are both 18, and Bree is 20. We fly this morning then we stay there for a few weeks for vacation and the concert then come back! I stayed in the shower and let the water run over my body for a few minutes thinking of my dream, dating harry styles. Of course I knew that was never going to happen. I got out of the shower and went back into my room. I grabbed a pair of capris and a t-shirt then went back into the bathroom to change. I put my clothes on and then blow dried my hair so it was wavy. When I went back to my room Abby was all ready for the flight that we will be taking shortly. She was wearing yoga pants with a long sleeve shirt. I quickly walked to Bree’s room to see if she was up, and she was. She was wearing shorts with a tank-top and a sweatshirt over that, and of course a pair of high heels. Typical. She was on her phone, just hanging out. Were leaving in a bout 20 minutes I said. Do you wanna go for breakfast? I asked. Sure she replied. Okay then were leaving in 10 minutes, I then walked away. I went back into my room and put my sneakers and sweat shirt on. Alright abby, lets put our stuff in the car so we will be ready to go, we are going out for breakfast. Oh good! Im starving she said. We loaded all of our luggage and then came back into the house. Bree, Abby, and I all went into my moms room to say good-bye. She was still sleeping because it was early but we woke her up to say good bye. We all said good and she told us to be safe, the normal things parents do. We then got into the car and were off to breakfast, then the airport!

~Already on plane, now arriving in Florida~

“We will be landing very soon, please fasten your seatbelt for safety reasons” was said over the radio. We were all so excited. The plane was slowing desending from the sky and landing at the airport. When we finally reached the ground we were jumping with excitement! We all ran off the plane relieved to be in florida! It was only 9 in the morning so we had the day to ourselves. Well, bree said. Lets rent a car and get to our house. We both agreed. We would all be staying at our summer house in the village. I was think we should do some shopping today in the square. Of course! Layla and Abby replied.

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