One Direction Imagines

This is a One Direction Imagine book and if you want an imagine with one of the boys just put your name and one of the boys name.


1. Imagine With Niall

You and your boyfriend Niall just had a fight and you were really angry because he cheated on you. You broke up with him and left his house. " y/n, come back please." Niall said with tears rolling down his cheek. "No." you said. Niall told you that he loved and needed you but all you could say was if you really loved me then you wouldn't cheat on me. Tears were falling from your eyes. You got in your car and left. You go to your best friend Zayn's house.When you get there you are surprised to see Niall there. "I'm sorry." Niall said " It was all her. She was always trying to get close to me when I was with you. She was trying to make you jealous." " It's okay Niall . You should have told me earlier. You both make up and Niall kisses you on the lips.

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