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just comment 1:your name 2:who u wanna be with 3:sexual or nonsexual 4:age and 5:haircolor, eye coler and thing about your self


1. Liz and Liam

"so what do you want to do today love?" liam asked"i don't know what do you want to do?"this" he said as he kissed me his soft lips on mine aah how soft his lips are i could kiss them all day he took his shirt of as he did with mine i was a bit nervus but i wanded to show him that i love him and it aslo was my first time i cant belive that i'm doing this so fast i mean we've been dating for 4 years now ok maby  not so fast but it felt right it felt like i was in the clouds


i woke up on liams bear cheast remembering last night" just can't lie was the best time of my life"(see what i did there i'm sorry i'm a directioner LOL) "good morning beutifull" he said as he saw my eyes open "good morning liam" i sayed as i got up and whent to take a shower when i got out i was whearing a blue shirt that said "LOVE"on it with purpple leters(my 2 fav colors) "listen babe i'm taking you out to day so be ready by 6:00 ok?" "ok where are we going?"i asked as i applyeda bit of make-up on"well if i told you it wouldn't be a suprize now would it?" he said "ok fine i'll be ready by 6"


the car stoped i'm not sure where because of the fact that i as blindfolded my this time i was out of the car when i hear liam say "ok 1...2...3"as he said three he took of my blind fold i gasped at the beutiful sight it was a bridge the railings covered with lit-up candals.  "Liz" liam said i fased him then and there he bent down on one knee "we've been dating for 4 years now" he said as he pulled out a box and opend it "would u make me the happiest man in the world and mary me?" he said as i pulled my hands up and covered my mouth "YES YESYSE YES A THOUSIND TIMES YES" i yelled and lead in and kissed him just can't lie was the best day of my life.


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