True Love



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I walked through the hallway very confidently. People started to look. They were like 'OMG'. I'm the popular girl at laylal high. I have bright blue eyes and cookie brown hair that fades into beach blonde at the bottom. I loved it here but I had to leave to California for my competitions. Im a figure skater. i bet you wouldn't think that a girl like me would be a figure skater but i am. And my boyfriend nick is a hockey player. you know in all those movies the popular girl is a cheerleader and the popular boy is the quarterback its weird. Well we are in Canada its very cold there. I wore this today 

I was at my locker when i felt hands go over my eyes "guess who!" Nick said "hmm idk lets see Justin Beiber? Harry Styles?"  i said laughing "nope!" Nick said "Nick!" I said " How did you know!" Nick exclaimed!

"well let me guess" i said laughing. "Your the only guy who has the gut to do it and your my boyfriend!" "YEP!" he exclaimed i laughed as he picked me up and spun me. then the bell rang "sorry gotta go to math uggggghhhhh" i said "ikr" nick said. Then i walked away.

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