I wanna Grow Old with You, Niall

Hailey Milio was had the perfect life. She had a great family, and beautiful house, and a good job. But when her father produced a song for a popular band, One Direction, her life flipped. Niall and Hailey established a 'bond'. Everyone is happy for them except Lou, her one night stand.


7. Bye guys.


Niall POV

After we finished the Walking Dead, I kicked all the boys out of Hailey's, just leaving Hailey, Maria, Lou and I. Hailey went up to her room to take her makeup off. She invited all of us in there, to play a game, like Headbands or something. She walked into her bathroom and took it all of, and then came out to get her ID sweater and a pair of shorts. She came out looking lovely even though, she had no makeup on and shitty clothes. She lend a pair of clothes to Maria and then she got dressed. Louis had a tank on so he wore that and a pair of her dads shorts, as well as me. I took my shirt off later to get Haileys to notice, and she didnt even glance. 'So am I pointy?" Hailey asked 'Well, Liam is scared of you" "SPOON!" she yelled as we all said yeah. after a few more rounds, we decided to go to sleep. "Lou, you and Maria can take the futon...


sorry guys my mom came home so i stopped. ill finish later, when she go to sleep.xx


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