Is it mistake ?

What do you think about Harry when he is famous and people are calling him womaniser and he tells you that he loves you , would you believe him ?? That was the same thing jasmine was confused about


1. The first day

I woke up early and I am very excited to go to the college , I am cute and innocent my skin is white and I have a cute and baby green eyes and a long silky hair and its black , I wore a cute light baby pink short and a white shirt and with pink flowers on it and I tied my hair into a cute high pony tail and I brought my bangs to the back with the pony tail , I looked so cute and gorgeous , and I wore a light baby pink vans and I walked down to my twin Meredith , she was my twin , but she doesn't looks like me at all , she is blonde , her hair is long , her eyes are grey and she had a natural red lips while I had a natural pink lips , so I just put a mascara on and a pink lip gloss and it was the same of my lips colour , and I had a little brother , he had 8 years and his name was Harry , Harry Mace , and my name was Jasmine Mace and Meredith Mace , my parents died in a car accident , and Harry looked like Me, he had a black silky hair , and a green eyes and pink lips , so I walked down to my sis and bro , they were having breakfast , Jasmine's P.O.V
"I am so excited that I am going to the college today "Meredith said "yeah me too ! " so both of you finished your breakfast , while Harry said " I am going to the school today " Meredith said " yeah and I am going to take you to the school today and from tomorrow the bus will come to take you " all of you walked out the home and I locked it with the key and sat into our car , and we walked to the college
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