Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


1. Grimmy you are an idiot!


           “Helen, you´re on in 5!“ Andy shouted and I turned on my mike.  Doing breakfast show is fun although waking up in 4 a.m. is not. But I got used to it. How couldn’t I, I am doing this like for a year. “Good Morning Hel!” – Grimmy suddenly sat infront of me and took a sip of hot coffee. Grimmy´s work ethic is terrible! He is late for an hour. When I was ready to asked him what took him so long, he cut me off. “Don’t ask!” I smiled and shook my head.

         Tina was leaving the studio when Andy shouted: “Guys, you are on air in 3..2…1…!” Despite his late arrival, Nick started as a pro:“Good morning everyone! This is Radio 1 Breakfast show with Helen Adlerton and Nick Grimmshaw! This was Tina with Newsbeat!” I added:” Thanks Tina! And now…. Bassline Junkie from Dizzee Rascal, stay with us….” I was putting my headphones off when Grimmy quietly started:” I hope you covered me…”I exhaled.”Sure, you were stucked in traffic jam.” I laughed and he joined me. Then Grimmy raised his right hand in the air to make high five. “My mate Heeeel!” I enclose my palm to his and shook my hand. The song was still on so we could continue in our debate. “One Direction are going to be here, excited?” He raised his eyebrows and winked at me. “I have no idea where are you going with this…” I laughed and waited for him to reply. “You know, 5 boys, almost in your age, I´ve heard they have finished preschool lately!” I know Grimmy loves them and this was his weird way of showing it. When I was prepared to respond the red button on my board lighted. “You´re lucky!” Well I was.

          The song was over. Grimmy spoke up to mike: “You wont believe, but Helen has just told me about her secret 1D obsession, Helen you little….!” God, that´s incredible, he has not just said that. I intervened. “Grimmy, why you were late in studio today? We all want to hear what….” He cut me off with his laughter. “Hahaha Helen, you are funny. Dear listeners, I wasn’t late. I am always perfectly in time, this was just desperate attempt to distract you all from the fact, that she loves One Direction. Unbelievable. “ “Ok, Nick, I think it´s time for another song…And you know what? It´s time for Kiss You!” Meanwhile I took a look to papers infront of me and according to this schedule, interview with this boys was next. So they must be in the building already and probably giggling.  “Nervousness, right?” Grimmy  noticed look on my face while going through that papers.” “I don’t get it Nick, you are basically begging me to tell Andy that you just didn’t set up your alarm last night!” He laughed and took the last sip of, now already cold, coffee.

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