Thorns and Respite

Just one of my poems fitting the Valentine theme... artwork for cover is pyrography done by myself :) So, hope you like it. (Likes, Faves, and Comments will cure my soul.)


1. Thorns and Respite

I sat in the frosty darkness,

Left alone as my spirit gave cry.

I have lost my once great finesse:

I gave in and said my goodbye,

Yet now, my heart will surely die.


My heart bore the crown of thorns,

But you came to me with a healing touch.

Bleeding out a fountain, it no longer adorns.

Though still you came to me with such,

And I have come to love you so much.




The times may have been rough,

And the times may have been tough,

Though with you, the world began to shift;

Once you came, my spirit started to lift.


I feel for you dear,

So please do not shed a tear.

Your pain can be my pain,

And I'd carry you through all the rain.


This I know I can promise you,

For I have already seen the view:

Do not get tied into your own spite;

It will only cause your soul to ignite.


I will hold onto you forever,

And let go -- Never.

Inside and out, you're full of beauty,

And you'll always be perfect for me.




My heart loses pace

When I look into your face.

It skips a precious beat,

Just because others can't compete.


I can see your halo up above,

Higher than all the others, Love.

It really hurts saying those 'Good-byes'

With the pretty twinkle in your eyes.


You're like a perfect little pearl gleaming,

And it's amazing that I'm not dreaming.

Even if I was coerced to compare,

I would come back with nothing to share.


I adore everything about you,

To put it simple: I really just do.

You're completely amazing,

And most of all tenderly caring.


So it's clear to me indeed,

That there is something I need,

And that special something,

Always seems to be you, Darling.




How beautiful you are-

This may seem bizarre,

But mere words cannot define;

So, perhaps a poem will suit fine--


"Where does one obtain such beauty?"

I once asked the moon while it danced in glee.

"Oh, my beauty is just a simple reflection,

From someone down there, who has perfection."


Just like the surface of the sea,

Your face... it glimmers ever so perfectly.

Like the deep depths of the sea,

You too, have that inner beauty.


The sun goes 'round and 'round,

Looking for beauty that has yet to be found.

But at the end of each tiring day,

It is only you, that it has to display.


Even the heavens, in all their glory,

Look to you as an example of beauty.

The stars twinkle in their style.

Just like you show off your smile.


So why don't you see,

That you are all that you can be,

When you're the one things look to,

Just because you're perfectly you?




Just like the radiance of the sun,

The darkness always sets off to run;

You'll always be there to shine,

And one day I might be able to call you 'mine.'


Though I cannot say I am of equal value,

But I have hope that we could be two.

In reality: you are all I will ever need.

So I won't give up, even if I begin to bleed.


I always find myself happy with you;

I only hope that you think so too.

"This love could be both of ours."--

That has been my wish on all the shooting stars.


You may never come to what I feel;

You may not even think it is real.

However, I will go to sleep knowing

That same small feeling...


~ I'll wake up in the morning with you in mind,

Carry on through the day like I'm blind,

Return back in the evening and stare,

Wondering if you even care. ~




I'll just reveal my emotions:

I love you, (person's name),

As high as the heavens,

And as deep as the oceans.


I've never really seen this way,

But now I see it every day.

"You make me complete."

Those words are engraved in concrete.


I don't care what others say,

Because my emotions won't sway.

Now please just give me a chance:

This is what I thought of you at first glance:


~ Whether the world sees it or not,

You're beautiful inside and out.

And I think it's also safe to say,

"You're perfect in every, little way." ~




I remember all of those times...

The times we spent with each other.

But to me, they're just echoing chimes:

Resounding in my ears, I can hear no other.

So, how can I ever move on to another?


Now, just memories and dreams remain;

I am left back to where I started out.

You may have left me in utter pain,

But I am left without a doubt:

A flower grows within, and I'll wait 'til after the drought.




By: Mitchell Kile

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