karma really is a b*tch

what happen when one girl can destroy a whole band in two months just because of her insecurities?
what happens if the boys can accomplish their mission and have to leave the band just because karma its a b*tch ?

if you wanna know the mission and what happens read on !


3. welcome to hell

Kate p.o.v 

i already arrive to hell well not really this country is really beautiful and i really use to love it here and now i'm back and waiting for my uncle to come and pick me up he was running late and i just wanna go home and rest i was super tired and i want to go to sleep . twenty minutes later i saw my uncle walking towards me he  hasn't  change at all  he just look a little more old  at the minute that he saw me a big smile form on he face i run to him and give him a big hug god i miss this old man he was my favorite uncle and the only that i have  actually " how is my princess "he ask me with his big smile on his face "i'm good uncle si really i'm ok " i tell him trying to convince  that i was ok "are you sure  you know you can talk to me about anything" he voice sound like he was my father and that broke me i miss both of my parents so badly i couldn't handle it anymore and i start to cry"i really miss you and i really mis them , i miss them so much " i tell him crying ohhh boy i really hate to cry " its ok sweetheart let's go home " uncle si say leading me to the car .

the drive back home wasn't that long like 20 to 25 minutes and uncle si was asking me a lot of question that i didn't want to answer but i know i have to "sweetie  why did you change so much ? where is my beautiful nice ? why did you change? what can i do to get the old Kate back? why don't you have friends ? whats up with that clothes not that i don't like it but its not you. he finally shut his mouth and i was trying to process all the question " well what can i say people make you change and uncle si i'm not beautiful and i believe that the old Kate died for good ,and i don't believe in friendship that doesn't exit so yeah and my clothes is perfect to hide my face and all my problems are you ok now or have more question for me" i ask him a little bit annoyed "no sweetie ahh look we have arrive to your new house and new life " he say i was looking at the house it was beautiful and big super big and  i love it i always love this house .

when uncle si open the door i found  five beautiful boys staring at me with the mouth open "guys please i know its a big change but its not that big come on don't be rude" uncle si tell them "uncle si who are they " i ask a little harsh"they gonna be living here with us and they are my boys they work for me in my company they are singer very famous by the way " he tell me a little bit scare about how i'm gonna react " i knew this was about idea where is my room uncle si " i ask really angry " upstair the last one to your left sweetie" he say still scared i can feel it in his voice it was amazing know that i could scare him one of the guy smile at uncle si reaction "thanks ohh by the way i don't want any of your boy near me or near my room " i say very harsh and turn to them" did you guys understand i want you guys far,far,far, away for me are we clear " i tell them with a very bitchy way " thats not going to be possible sweetie they are here to keep you company while i'm gone for three months i would communicate once in a while by the computer and they mission here is to  give me the old you back " he tell me getting away from me " what you are kidding right i already tell you that the old me is dead for good and not matter what you do she wouldn't come back she died with mom and dad and if you can't understand it send me back to cali them " i tell him almost crying at the memories of my parents " i don't now you but you need to let us help you i know that people hurt you but don't let them destroy you be strong do you think that you parents are happy with this you think that they like the fact you hide in this disguise just to not confront the true and what life really is please let us help you to find your self again. " the guy with big brown eyes and really short hair say " don't talk like you know me and don't talk about my parents and why did you have to do this just say no and every body would be happy " i tell him really angry at the fact that he mention my parents " because if we don't get you back our dream and career would be destroyed by your uncle " the curly hair boy scream to me he even let a tear fall and that make angrier " why uncle si why did you have to do this " i ask him really angry " because i love you and i want my niece back " he shout back " well you not going to get her back and you boys should say good bye to your career then " i say really harsh and run to my room .


it was like 9pm and i was like really hungry uncle si plane leave like at 8pm so he wasn't at the house i get up of  my bed and go downstair to the kitchen but i heard some noise in the office of uncle si so i go to see what it was and to my surprise was the boys crying i just stay behind the door and listen to they conversation " don't she have dreams or a heart i don't think it's that hard to go back to be this beautiful girl aging " the blond guy say he was staring at my old picture " i wish she help us i don't want this dream to end its all that we have this is our life and i don't want that to go away " the boy with a black quiff and lots of tattoos in one arm say . this boys was breaking my heart i use to have a dream i always want to be a model but chris ruin that dream for me i couldn't do that to them i know how it feels but i really don't want to change i don;t want to get hurt again .

Niall p.o.v 

we were really sad that our dream could be ruin by Kate she is beautiful and i don't get how she doesn't see it i look at the door and saw curly hair i knew it was her so i make sure to let her know how sad we were " i just that she change her mind and help us i swear that i would die if uncle si take this away from us " i said really sad " we know Niall we know" Liam say at that moment she enters the room and all of us look at her " what do you need love " Liam ask her he was trying to be sweet with her but i did not like that "i just want you guys to hear me and then maybe you would know how to help me" she say a smile form on our face she was letting us helping her and that means our career would not be ruin.

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