karma really is a b*tch

what happen when one girl can destroy a whole band in two months just because of her insecurities?
what happens if the boys can accomplish their mission and have to leave the band just because karma its a b*tch ?

if you wanna know the mission and what happens read on !


2. tree days later

simon P.O.V 

i was really happy Kate was coming to live with me she was my brother daughter  and i love her she is beautiful i haven't seen her like in months or maybe years but i was looking forward on taking care of her. but i know that my beautiful  nice is gone that  the Kate that is going to arrive today is different her mom tell me everything before she die she told me that Kate is really insecure and that she is always wearing black clothes with hoodies because she wanna hide her beautiful face i couldn't believe it when she tell that all this happen because of a stupid boy so i have something in mind a really good plan i just hope it works and that she let me help her to be the girl she use to be .

i was waiting for the boys to come they were part of my plan when i heard the door bell i go and open it to see my favorite five boys that i was going to use to get my nice back "hello boys come in " i tell them really serious "hey uncle si is something wrong " Liam ask me a little bit worried " not really i just have a mission for you guys " i tell them "which is?" harry ask " well my nice is coming to live with me and she has a little problem that i want you guys to solve " i tell them more serious  now "and what is the problem" little Niall ask "well she lost all her confidence because of a jerk and know she live in a dark world she don't have any friend she don't go out she only use dark clothes and she always hiding her face " i say but now looking a little sad " so how are we suppose to help ?" louis ask " well i want you to bring her back to give her  back the confidence  that she loss in 3 months so i can make her welcome party " i tell them "do we really have to do it its a hard mission" zayn ask "yes you do " i say back"what about if we don't want to do it " harry ask " then 1d is over if you guys don't do this mission and give me back my nice  in three months you career is over so you guys decide i have to go and pick her up feel like home you guys " i tell them graving my jacket and open the door "but uncle si you can't do that " liam say really worried " watch me and i know all of you know i can do it " i tell them really serious  and go to the car and off to the airport .

niall p.o.v 

i couldn't believe uncle si he was going crazy he knows that this is our dream and we know that if he want can destroy it in any minute " so what are we going to do guys" i ask trying to break the silence right now we were siting in the living room thinking of what to do "i have no idea mate but i guess we don't have a option" harry say back " i guess we don't liam say to all of us " i guess we could text and tell he that we accept his mission.


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