My Life

Naomi Tylers life isn't great she has a three year old daughter named Alyssa and a Jealous and abusive boy friend named Kyle . See how it is for her


3. Chapter three

Me and Alyssa went and visited my friend Taylor for a while. We left around 10:30 which is past Alyssa's bedtime but, whatever. "Im tired mommy", Alyssa told me while I was driving. I glanced at her through the rear view mirror. "You can fall asleep, Ill carry you into the house". We arrived home at 11:14. Kyle's car was sitting in the drive way. "At least he is home", I mumbled to myself as I carried Lyss into the house. I put her in her bed. I then walked into mine and Kyle's bedroom and put on my red satin pajama's. Kyle got them for me as a 'im sorry' gift. When I was done I went down into the living room. "Kyle?!" I called out hoping he would let me know he's here. There was no answer. He's probably sleeping. Kyle would never go to bed this early unless he has work but, tomorrow is Saturday and he doesn't work on Saturday's. I went into the basement. "Kyle?! Are in you in here?!" No answer. Where the hell is he?  I went back upstairs . Maybe he drove his self home but, then one of his friends picked him up. I walked past the guest room and heard noises. Moaning squeaking and names? What the hell is going on?! I opened the door to reveal a blonde bimbo on top of Kyle. She has no clothes on and neither does he. That bastard!  I was speechless . At that moment I wanted to cry but, then I remembered that crying wont help. I walked towards them. Kyle had a horrified and angry look on his face. The blondie looked confused. I yanked her by her hair onto the floor. "Get the fuck out of my goddamn house!" I told myself not to yell to loud so I don't wake Alyssa. She scrambled to get her clothes and she ran past me. My eyes darted to Kyle, I could see he was quilty. "What the hell was that!?!" He didn't say anything. "You bastard! How dare you cheat on me! Your fucking insane!" Oops you shouldn't have said that.  He grabbed my arm and threw me on the ground. He then started kicking my stomach. "Stop ! Stop! Your hurting me!" He kept going. We walked out of the room. I could feel tears forming. Don't cry! Show him who's boss! I pulled myself together and got up. I felt like passing out. He was in the middle of the stairs when I jumped on his back. He almost fell forward. I then felt my self being pushed down the stairs.  I felt like every bone in my body had been snapped in half. "That's what you get bitch!" He spat at me. He picked me up and pushed me against the wall. He started choking. I tried punching him but, I was so weak that my punches hadn't effected him. I heard a small voice say "Stop!" Oh no! Alyssa I don't want you to see this. Alyssa then got ahold of Kyle's legs. He stopped choking me. He then roughly grabbed Alyssa by her arm. I heard he yelp in pain. He was literally dragging her across the floor. I used all of my strength to stand up. "Let go of her you bastard!" I  was so angry at this point. Not only does he cheat on me but, then he has the nerve to go and hurt OUR daughter. "Stop daddy!" She was now crying. I grabbed the nearest thing I could find and threw it. It hit on his head. His grip on Alyssa loosened he then fell onto the floor.

~Chapter four will be a follow up~ rianna <3

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