My Life

Naomi Tylers life isn't great she has a three year old daughter named Alyssa and a Jealous and abusive boy friend named Kyle . See how it is for her


1. Chapter one



"Naomi", said a slurred voice. I glanced at the clock. 1:29 a.m . I looked and saw Kyle. He is obviously drunk. He's usually horny drunk. "Come on babe give me some love". He held out his arms. I didn't want to make him upset so I hugged him. "I missed you". I could smell the alcohol in his breath. It was strong but, not strong enough to make me feel sick. His hands were on my lower back. Soon enough they started roaming. His hands are like magic wherever he touches you, you feel like an angel has kissed you. But, when hes angry its like being hit with rocks. His touch was making me feel.. wanty. I wanted him badly that this point. "Lets have some fun Mimi", He said. He wrapped my legs und his waist. He pushed me against the wall. He kissed my neck. "I may be drunk but, Im not that drunk..and I didn't cheat on you", he whispered. He's usually an honest person so I believed him. His 'friend' was growing awfully large and I could feel its hardness against my stomach. I  snickered. He then started kissing my neck and went down with every kiss. His lips are soft like silk. His kiss would make any girl swoon. Why am I saying all these things about a usually abusive guy? Because this is all true. He threw me on the bed. He started taking off his clothes. When he's not abusing me he's trying to get in my pants. This is one of those times when his tries are actually successful. He got on top of me and kissed my sweet spot. I moaned in passion . I slowly took off my shirt, revealing my pink bra.. Then my pants. He then took his index finger and his middle and put them inside of me. I moaned loudly but, not loud enough to wake Alyssa. "Faster", I said literally out of breath. He is really good at sex. When I say really good I mean it.  I then got in a position so I was straddling him. He thrust himself in and out. Each time he did I felt my body tingle with pleasure."Mimi.." He moaned loudly. He then did something that always makes me come. I couldn't take anymore. "Kyleeeee" 


Ill finish later ~ Arianna <3

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