One Direction: Kidnapped (FULL STORY)

Can a normal seventeen year old girl save One Directon? Well, if she can't she'll die trying.


1. Leaving


"Mom! I have to go!! These boys are my life! If I don't go, they will die out there! Or worse! Mom, you have to let me go!" I was trying to get out of my mom's iron grip on my arm, beckoning me to stay with her. One Direction had been kidnapped in my area, and I wasn't sitting around to just watch FBI and CIA go to dead ends. I will save these boys if it means taking my own life. My mother needs to realize that. "No! You are staying here! You can't go out there all alone! The police will take care of it! Just stay HERE!!" her pleading eyes don't faze me. I finally wrench my arm away from her grip, and place my hand on the empty gun on the coffee table. "Come on mom. You did this once. I can do it. You've trained me and said I'm better now than you were back then. I can do this. Just let, me, GO!" I can see a tear fall from her eye as I fill the gun with bullets and a couple of extra magazines. I click the first mag into the gun and cock it. "You can't stop me from leaving. You can't stop me from putting my life on the line. You can't, and I'm sorry for that. I am an untamed soul that never will be tamed. I need to do this. I'm sorry mom. I love you." I wrap my arms around her and burry my face into the crook of her neck. I let go after a couple of minutes and look into her eyes. "I will come home mom. I promise." I give her a kiss on the cheek and put the gun into my holster. "Wait, Jessica. Before you leave, I want to give you something." She turns and runs up the stairs towards her room. He comes back down with a thin golden chain and a big wad of green. "Here, this belonged to your grandmother when she was appointed to the CPP (Celebrity Protection Program), and now, it's yours." she puts the thin chain from around my neck and lets the small pair of angel wings dangle at the front of the chain. "And here, is five grand in cash. You have your card I assume, but, if it gets stolen, here." She pushes the wad of green towards me and I take it gratefully. I put it in my backpack, which holds my ID, my wallet, my phone, clothes, and extra bullets. Lots of extra bullets. I turn around and walk out the door. I walk into my garage and hop onto my motorcycle. Not that common for a girl, but common for my family. I pull away from the street, and make my way into the city. I've seen the notes left by the kidnappers, leaving clues, and I have a place to start looking. No one, will take the only thing good in my life away from me and millions of others.


No one.

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