One Last Shot (Poem for 'The Second Poetry Competition')

A poem about battling suicide and why you shouldn't hurt yourself... Enjoy the everlasting day.


1. One Last Shot

                Forcing laughter,

                Faking smiles,

                Dreaming of sweet goodbyes,


                You hate the pain,

                Yet you use it all the time,

                Dreaming, dreaming, is it all so pointless?


                In a world so full of disappointment,

                It’s hard to be approved,

                But do you need that?


                I guess you do,

                Pull that trigger,

                Hang that noose,


                You look around,

                Just one last time,

                Only because you’re you,


                Look at what you’ll miss,

                Dreaming in the day,

                Little brother’s little league,

                Mom and Dad’s anniversary,


                Is it too late now?

                Can you take it back?


                 Put it down,

                 But don't give it all away?

                Maybe you can have just one last shot,

                 Or fade into the everlasting day...

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