The Hunger Games

This is for the tw weeks in Panem contest. But this is from Prim's point of view instead of Katniss'. Hope you enjoy!


1. Chapter One

When I wake up, I am curled around my mother. Buttercup, my old cat, is laying at my knees. He is staring at my empty bed, which I usually share with Katniss, my sixteen year old sister. But this morning it is empty. She must be out hunting with Gale, her best friend.

I sit up and walk to the table, lifting up a bowl I placed over my goat cheese. Good, Katniss has gotten it. It was my reaping day present to her.

I look outside the small window in the front of the house. The usually busy town is empty. The Seam, which is what we call our part of District Twelve, is empty, lacking the coal miners usually heaing to the mines. Today no one is at work, everyone is preparing for the reaping that I have been dreading for so long.

Katniss han't let me sign up for any tesserae. Instead, she's signed it all up under her name, risking her life more than mine. Her name has been put in twenty times.

I look back to the small bedroom and see my mother awake. She says good morning to me, then helps me into the tub to wash up.

The warm water, which we have boiled to warm it, is relaxing, and it settles some of my nerves. I lean back as my mother helps scrub dirt off me. Then my mother dresses me in Katniss' first reapng clothes, a skirt and a nice ruffled blouse. She makes the big clothes stay with many pins.

Soon Katniss arives home from hunting and gets right into the tub to scrub off. Mother lays out a nice blue dress and matching shoes for Katniss. "Are you sure?" Katniss asks quietly. My mother nods and Katniss steps into the outfit after drying off.

"Let's put your hair up too." Mother says. Katniss lets mother dry it and pull it up into beautiful braids. Katniss looks at herself in our small, cracked mirror, and I quietly say "You look beautful." Katniss hugs me and I can tell she's worried for me, but I have more reason to be worried for her, with her name in so many times.

"Tuck your tail in, little duck." Says Katniss, tucking down my blouse, which has come out of my skirt at the back. "Quack." I giggle. "Quack yourself." She giggles back. "Come on, we should eat." Katniss suggests. We all go to the table and eat the rough bread from the tesserae grain, and milk from Lady, my little goat.

Soon enough it is time to head to the square for reaping. There are camera crews everywhere, on roofs, sitting on the ground, basically there are anywhere that there's room.

Katniss helps me sign in and takes her place in the middle of the roped area, with the sixteen year old girls. I go in the very back, and I try to edge to an angle where I can see the podium in the front. My mother stands beside me and holds my hand tightly. I look at her, just before our mayor speaks. He says the same speech as always. I pay little attention, as I'm too anxious to see who will be drawn.

Our only victor, Haymitch Abernathy, suddenly stumbles onto the podium as the mayor finishes. He's drunk, as he always is.

Finally Effie trinket, our escort, declares "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"  Her pink wig is bobbing around on her head, and is on the verge of falling. And next, Effie says "Ladies first!" And reaches her hand into the girls' ball. She pulls out a slip of paper and recites,"Primrose Everdeen."


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