1. didn't expect that

Romance with Liam Payne


1. Really?

One step, then another and then one more.
  There, I’m at the edge, if I don’t look down I’ll be fine.
I squeezed my eyes shut and concentrated hard on the goal in front of me, I was about to do the highest dive and I was scared with my wits out.
   I popped one eye open and quickly gazed over at the stands, my friends and family were there and that helped me a huge amount.
   It’s a shame that the one person I really, really wanted to be there was off being famous in all his glory.
Forgetting about me.

I sighed as I walked up the steps to his house, my big Rolling Stones jumper keeping me warm in the cold as I rang the doorbell.
    As I waited for him to answer, I blew out my breath to see it in front of me, trying to make rings as I stomped my feet to warm up.
   “What are you doing, Gem?” He chuckled and I turned to face the door, seeing Liam leaning casually against the frame with his own jumper hugging his body, undeniably fit.
 “Come on, we’re late” I shrugged, brushing off the embarrassment I felt creeping up my cheeks as he stepped out of the house and locked the door behind him.

We were just walking and talking like good friends do when I felt his warm hand interlock with mine, right now I was going crazy inside but on the outside I just blushed and looked down at my shoes, smiling away at myself.
   “You know, we’ve been dancing around this for a while now” Liam commented, I could hear his own smile and I fought the urge to look up at him, so instead I looked at the cars in front of us.
   “Around what?” I asked, even though I knew.
“Everyone wants us to get together. I like you, I think you like me, I don’t see why we haven’t already.”

I stopped in my tracks and stared at him in the eyes, this handsome, charming boy liked me? A diver who was scared of clowns and spiders and was too much in love with the band he was in, it just sounded surreal to me and yet, I wanted him to say more.
  “Are you sure that you like...me...?” Great, well done Gem, sound stupid.
“Very much !And that’s why I promised you to be at your big dive in two weeks, and then I can ask you out properly.”

Only, he wasn’t here and I was more scared than I had ever been for a dive and that’s coming from me, a girl who is only scared of clowns and never, ever of a dive. His presence made me feel better but yet worse.
   It seems like I’d hoped too much on this day, not only would I win but I’d also get a boyfriend that thousands of girls want too.

I curled my toes, thrust out my hands and dived like I’d never dived before, slicing through the water like it was my home, spinning underwater before bursting of the surface and paddling my way to the edge, the place around me was thundering with the cheers from everyone.

I smiled as I placed my hands on the edge and heaved myself out so I was now sitting with my legs dangling in it.
   “Someone pass me a towel please?” I called out, wiping away the water that was in my eyes, my sight still blurry as I took the towel and swiped it across my face.
  I sniffed, towels shouldn’t smell like Lynx, that was weird; I pulled back and gaped, the awkward moment when you wipe your face with a jumper.

I looked about me to see Liam, standing there with a shy smile on his face as he held out a hand for me to take, I did.
  “You came…” I whispered, trailing after him as he took me over to the side and away from prying eyes.
  “I told you I would, Gem.”

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