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Hi i'm Leah i'm 18 and i play field hockey with my best friend Gabby . We both are seniors in the US . Me and Gabby are one directions biggest fans ! Me i'm a Harry girl . Gabby she is a Niall girl . What would happen when we both go to England for the summer? What would happen when we see Harry and Niall in a cafe and they look at us.... the whole time...? What would happen when two of the hottest guys get a girlfriend????....drama????? Will it tare a friendship apart or bring a new one together...


1. england here we come

Leah's POV



We are tied if we make this corner we win the championships of 2012 High School Field Hockey. I get the ball drive it in and BANG BANG!!!!!! WE WIN!! 7-6. We celebrate and Gabby and my parents calls us over to talk...I think they wanna talk about the field hockey camp in England for the summer. "Gabby and Leah...we now how much you want to go to England for the summer." Gabby's parents say to us. "So we are letting you go. But you leave in one day. We payed for everything you would need. WE got you both a apartment." my parents say. "AHHHHH !!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!" we both say at the same time! Now this is going to be the best summer ever...and who knows maybe we will meet that special someone...



The next day

(phone conversation) 

G-do you think we will see niall and or harry while in England?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L-idk probably not...they are probably on tour or something...


L-excited much ??

G-YES ! OMG we are going to england to play field hockey and playing with each other!!

L-LOL. well got to go...Joe is on his way over to say good bye. I'll pick you up on the way to the airport. okay ?

G-okay byee text when you are 2 minutes way

L-okay bye

(end of phone conversation)



Still Leah's POV


**ding dong**

'JJJJOOOEEEEE!!!"i said as i was running to the door.  "Hi babe" he said "I am going to miss look sad why...?" i said confused. " know how much I love you right?" "yeahh" "Leah i am soo sorry, I can't see you anymore." he said. i am trying not cry...leah dont cry...hold it in. "ohh..." "well i should go.." "yeah" He walks out and shuts the door. When he shuts the door...thank goodness I was done packing because i just sat there crying..asking myself why...just why. 




"GABBY COME ON! WE ARE GOING TO BE LATER!" i called from the car. "Alright. Alright. I'm coming. i'm coming." she said as she was getting into the car. "Gab..Joe broke up with me..." Gabby just sat there with a sad look on her face. "Why?" she asked. i said "idk he didn't say" after i said that she picked up her phone and texted someone something...she wouldn't tell me. 


This is going to be fun!






*****sorry it was soo long ! i will update each night... around 9ish*** comment what you think about it soo far and what you think will happen!***********

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