The Power

So the world has changed, and everyone is scared. Of one group. or is it one person? An organization has taken over the world, everyone falls under it's rule. What's it called? The Power. They are corrupted, and kill to make a point. It is up to three orphaned siblings, a young man, and a dog to find out what, or who, keeps The Power running and end it. Before it's too late.


1. Three Years Earlier

 The bombs were falling. They looked like beautiful stars decorating the sky for all to see. It was a warning to all the others that fought the power. All those bombs? They meant death to all standing below. This included my family of five. Me, my mom and dad, my little sister May, and her twin brother Max.
 We all knew this day would come, even the seven year old twins. So there we were, my family. One of the few who stayed whole. Most families had been torn apart and left in pieces. Though at that moment, it was clear we wouldn’t stay whole any longer.
 The chaos that surrounded us was horrifying. Children, no older than five, were running around. They would scream, not knowing precisely what was going on. Their fear driving them into madness that made you fear them.
 The bombs would drop, one after the other. It wasn’t the usual explosion though. The Power had fixed special kinds of bombs, ones that would only effect about a five foot diameter around it. They didn’t want to kill off everyone. Just some people, so they could spread the word of the control The Power had over us.
 I knelt down to the twins, who stood defiant. It was sad, really. Two seven year old kids were about to die and they wouldn’t allow themselves to cry like most kids their age would. They couldn’t cry.
 I held both their hands and gave them a reassuring squeeze, “You guys are brave.” I said loud enough for them to hear around the exploding noises, “Braver than me,” I ruffled Max’s hair and he gave me a small smile, “But it’s okay to be afraid. We all are, trust me. You don’t have to stand like the little soldiers I know you two are. You have helped this family more than you could ever imagine. The two of you deserve a break. Who knows? We might even live through this. It’s always a possibility.” I smiled sadly at them and May nodded.
 “We can live through this. We will live through this, you’ll see Nala.” She stated defiantly and looked fiercely at the raining bombs, “We didn’t survive this long to just die because the power wants to teach a lesson. We aren’t the kind of family that goes down easy.” The way she held her chin made it hard not to believe her. That’s my sister, I thought and nodded.
 “Yeah!” Max joined in, “Nobody can take us down with just a couple bombs!” He punched his fists together in a motion that made me want to cry. They were just too young to have to have gone through all they had been through. Were they really only seven?
 “You’re right!” I declared, “We are strong, we can pull through this.” I stood up and looked over to my parents.
 “Thank you.” My mom smiled at me, “You have always been so good with them, it was only right you would be the one to raise their spirits.”
 “No,” I chuckled softly, “They’ve had tough spirits since the beginning. There is no way they wouldn’t ever believe different than what they just told me. Those two are strong.”
 She nodded thoughtfully, “They are a lot like you.” Then, before I could argue, she added, “Their strong, stubborn, brave, beautiful kids.” She laughed, “They’re your clones!”
 “Well they’re your kids!” I argued.
 “True… But they follow you not us. You are a leader Nala. Soon they will be great leaders as well.” She looked to my father and they shared a glance, “We are proud of you.” She said it as if it was an end to something. Something was happening, and I didn’t know what.
 “Mom, what is going on?” I queried slowly. She just shook her head and I turned to my father, “Dad?” I looked pleadingly at both of them.
 “Don’t forget that Nala. Never forget it. We are extremely proud of what you have grown up to be. Stay strong, stay persistent, stay you.” My mom looked at me softly and my dad just nodded in the background, “Never let The Power change you. If it does, then you will never truly be you again.”
 I looked at the sky, filled with metal death. “I will always be me, mom, no matter what happens I will stay me. But what is going on?” I turned back to her in time to see a bomb going off. Almost exactly five feet away from her, “Mom, dad, no!” I screamed and reached for them as the explosion threw me and the twins backwards onto the hard soil.
 My jaw twisted in anger as I looked up at the falling sky. Army planes swirled above us and I glared at them. My gaze, in that moment, promised death. Nobody messed with my family and lived. Not even The Power. They would pay, even if it was the last thing I did.

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