Ireland Beauty's & London Hotties

Black curly hair blue green eyes rich 4 best friends yupp I got it all...that's what everyone thinks. I couldn't take it anymore all the beatings from both my parents seemed so common These past few years I've only been alive because of my 4 best friends Jordan Elizabeth Jackie and Gwen they are always at my house so the beatings are stalled. Now turning 18 in 2 days we all decided to move to England and share a penthouse. Everything is going to be great I hope. Me getting out of that death trap you call a house and maybe even meeting the love of my life! Or will everything turn out a disaster?! When we meet 5 gorgeous boys who change our lives forever....


1. Intro

Hey guys Cassie here! As you all know turning 18 in 2 days and moving to England!! Good thing I'm rich isn't it? Well I'm proud to say I'm not stuck up and snotty and when I say that I mean me and my besties. Oh yea! I got to introduce you guys to them!! Well to start off... Jordan the responsible one: she can be what you call a party pooper. But she knows it's for the best so we go with it... Well sometimes I should say. Jordan has long wavy brown hair with caramel highlights with light brown eyes she is absolutely flawless! Elizabeth a.k.a the caring one: Ellie as we all call her is sweet but can be the meanest bitch you've ever known. We all love her because she looks out for us just not when she's pissed. She has medium light brown hair and hazel green eyes. She is Gorgeous!Jackie the wild one: she's the fun one of the group always looking to have a good time and screw things up but in the end always puts the ones she loves first. Jackie has dark black hair with blue dip dyed tips that pop! She has light blue eyes. She's the badass out of all of us. Gwen the flirt: she knows how boys work everything about them. I was surprised at first to see how easily she could get a boyfriend. But I mostly think it's because of her signature smirk that knocks guys head over heels. She has dirty blonde hair with jade-green eyes she is what you describe as sexy.
Now the final one of our group.... Me the funny one: even though I have a tough life I mask my pain with a smile or my genuine laugh that all my friends love! Anyway I'm fun to be around as I've been told I have black curly hair blue green eyes which are my two favorite colors. Even though I hate compliments I always except the one that I love ' You Are Beautiful'...
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