Hello, How Are You? ♡

/My entry for the Valentines Day competition~/
It's Claudia's and Niall's anniversary day and both of them decided to spend a nice day. Both of them will remember all romantic and dramatic phases in their relationship and they don't know who is awaiting the both of them at their "special day"...


1. Now & Forever.

His big and warm hand had held mine gently and I just smiled gently. He had taught me how to smile this brightly and be this happy like I never was. His name is Niall, Niall Horan. 

I looked at him with my usual rosy blush that covered my soft cheeks and he looked back at me. We smiled at each other. 

"Are you excited?" 

"Kind of..." 


"Because it's my-- I mean our first..."

"First what?" He smirked, leaving the shape of my blush harden and my eyebrows knit a bit. 

"Really now?" 

"Oh come on, you know that I just tried to tease you, you know?" 

"You should try to stop with your teasing on me already, Niall..." My soft tone spoke and I just sighed softly, lowering my head down a bit as I started to avert his eye contact. 
"Hey..." Nimbly, I felt his hand cupping my small and smooth chin, raising my head up to look at him while my blush got heavier as time passed. Slowly, he parted his mouth to speak with his serious-like face. "Hey... why are you averting me ice cold like that? You know... I did that on our first date, right?" He started to grin and I nodded my head obediently. "Y-yeah... you really... did..." I muttered and he pulled back, holding my hand tightly again. 

"Well then~ we've arrived!" Niall said while pumping his fist energetically into the air and we stood in front of... the Hilton Hotel. It looked very expensive but Niall didn't cared either. He wanted to eat at the same place as we did before. 

It do was expensive but I was used tot his restaurant, since I've aten with my father all time there and his... girlfriend. She was mean to me and didn't cared me at all. But my father was blind because of the love and I held it as a secret away from Niall. 

"Hm? Is anything wrong, Claudia?" He asked me. This usual question of his whenever I had made this face. "N-no... not at all... what makes you think that way?" 

"I'm your boyfriend, when I wasn't, I wouldn't have notice it, right?" 

"..right..." I nodded while smiling slyly at him. 

But then... Niall stood iced in front of the door. His expression had dropped and turned into a terrified after time had passed. I looked at him worriedly. "Niall... what is wrong?" As I looked through the glass door, I saw a women with long beautiful brown-like hair and pretty clear blue eyes. She had a black dress on and held hands with a... older man in a flair suit. "I... never knew that..." Niall mumbled before a tear trickled down his cheek. I've never seen Niall cry and it made me worried. 

"N-Niall... who is that person...?" 

Again, he didn't gave me a answer and I frowned slightly. "Niall... who si that girl...?" 

"S-she was..." 

"She was....?"  


"My girlfriend." 


My eyes widened and I stared at her longly. Weirdly, I've never seen a picture of him and her before. My eyebrows stated to twitch slightly up and knit a bit. I pulled my trembling hand away and Niall looked at me. I lowered my head and looked at my feet. "So... or relationship is build up on secrets...?" I asked him and Niall frowned a bit, more tears falling down his reddened eyes. "No! Of course not!" He cried out and I looked at him with widened eyes. "You... simply weren't ready to know about it... t-that's all..." He stuttered while sobs resounded in his throats and I stared longly at him.

He wiped the tears away of his eyes and I opened the door, walking in without him while tears were falling down my eyes as well. The brown haired women looked at me until I've disappeared into the toilet. She slowly let go off the old man and ran into the toilet while Niall just kept staring through the door. 


The clacking of the heels of my boots could be heard in the toilet and my sobs as well. I had sat down on the marbled floor and hugged my legs, crying in silent. Then, the door opened and I raised my head to look who it was. It was that girl. "Hey, you... what's wrong?" She asked me while kneeling in front of me. "I-it's nothing...!" I said during my sobs hugged my legs even tighter, burying my head into my knees. "It doesn't seems like that..." She placed her hand on my knee and I raised my head a bit. "M-my... boyfriend... didn't told me... that he had a girlfriend... and we're already together for a long while."

"Really? Ah... who's that girlfriend of his?" 

"You." It came from me coldly but I quickly held my hand in front of my mouth, my eyes widening partly and so did hers. 

"Me...? Who... who... was that boyfriend of mine?" 

"I-I apologize...!" I said and then looked at her. "...N-Niall...Niall Horan..." I muttered audible for her to hear and he reyes widened renwed. "I... didn't... knew..." She muttered and stood up. 

"Is that all?"

I nodded my head. "Well... yes.. I suppose so..." 

"I'm sorry about that then..." 



"Hm? Niall?" A voice asked and Niall looked quickly over to the male. "Harry..." He mumbled and stared at him longly. "What's wrong?" He asked the blonde and knitted his eyebrows. "I told... you were with Claudia..." He looked sly in panic around. "Where is she? Where is Claudia?" He asked Niall and Niall pointed through the glass door. "In... the toilet... I've... hurt her..." Harry couldn't believe him and frowned. "You... you're..." Slowly, his hands started to turn into fists and he then cried out. "I've left her to you! Don't you know that I share the same feelings for her?!" Niall still remained all silent, staring through the window at the old man. "You..." 

All surroundings turned their back and stared at the blonde who had fallen onto the ground, rubbing his cheek in a slow pace. Harry had knock him down. It was the first time that a friend like Harry had knock him down hardly. And actually him...


his brother. 


"Don't forget this, Niall... I'll only accept this apologize... only this one... you heard?" Niall nodded his head slowly and Harry nodded back. "Good... and I'm deeply sorry but you shouldn't play with the feelings of other people... we'll see us tomorrow I guess..." With these words, he opened the door and headed to another direction where a young african man ins suit had lead him somewhere due corporate for the Red Nose Day. Niall laid a while down and back in the toilet, the brown haired had looked at me. 

"So... you're together with him now... I see..." She mumbled and then walked over to the washbasin, turning on the water slowly and washing her hands. 


"How long were you both together?" I asked her wondered and her eyes widened. "Me?" I nodded. "Yes. Of course you... no one apart of us are in here, right?" I asked her and she nodded with a sly smile. "Yeah... right." - "And?" She remained silent as she washed her hands and then turned off the washbasin, looking at me. "I was together with him... some years. Maybe two..." - "How old are you?" Again, she remained silent. "How old are you?" - "I'm fourteen and I'm not afraid to speak out my age, though Niall is five years older than me." Her eyes widened again and she slowly dried her hands. "I'm 27." 

"And what are you doing with the old man?" - "He's my boyfriend..." I looked at her. "So... you're thinking of me like some playgirl at the moment, right?" 


I shook my head. "No, not at all. Why should I?" Her eyes widened for more and she turned to look at me, facing me. "Not...?" I nodded my head. "Age is just a number that doesn't means anything, doesn't it?" She slowly smiled and nodded her head. "Yes... that's true... say, what's your name?" - "I'm Claudia... how about you?" - "I'm Michelle... nice to meet you. Claudia." She said and I nodded with my bright smile back. "Yes... it's very nice to meet you..." I raised my hand for her to shake and she stared longly at it before nodding her head and shaking my hand. "Yes... very nice to meet you... and? Do you feel sad any longer?" I shook my head. "No... not at all..." - "Good." It came from her and she helped me to stand up, smiling gently towards me. "Then... I guess you should be going back to him... he's waiting for you, right?" I nodded. "Right..." I nimbly ran towards the door and looked behind while my pale hand wrapped around the door handle as I heard the voice of Michelle calling for me. "Claudia...!" - "Hm?" It came cluelessly from me and she just smiled tenderly. "Thank you..." - "For what?" - For this talk, silly..." Michelle chuckled and I shrugged my shoulders, smiling at her. "Uhn! You're anytime welcome, Michelle!" With these words, I ran out of the door and left Michelle behind who just kept chuckling. "To meet someone as her... this type of innocent and sweet girls aren't really existing that often..." 


It was nice to meet someone as Michelle and I nimbly ran at the side of the elder man, mistakenly bumping into his arm. "I'm sorry...!" He laughed and just waved towards me. "No problem, little miss." I smiled wider and continued to run, pushing the door open and seeing Niall laying there. My eyes widened and Niall held his cheek quickly as his eyes widened. "I-I'm... sorry...." He muttered and I frowned slightly, kneeling down towards him. "How often do you need to apologize for this? Don't be a baby as I am, Niall!" I said and Niall's eyes widened at the change of character. "Only for this evening... I want to be this brave... only this single evening, I beg..." The blonde stared at me a smile started to appear upon his lips. He stood up and patted the dust off his pants. "Okay..." He stretched his arm out for me to hold and I nodded my head quickly, smiling literally in a sweet way and holding onto his hand while standing up. 

He slowly held my hand again and looked at me. I blinked my eyes softly. "Niall... your-" - "Cheek? Know what? I've deserved it... as long as it was for you, I don't mind to get hurt by other people as long as I can protect you. You're my world, Claudia... you know?" I blushed and stared longly speechlessly at him before nodding my head. "Yes... so are you to me, Niall!" He smiled and I just smiled brightly back. 

"Do you still remember our first meeting?" He asked me while we were heading towards the restaurant. 

"Yes... I do. Pretty well to be honest..." I nodded while smiling, my blush remaining.

For some reason, I could color my future with this man... and he then looked at me while smiling. "May you tell me what I've asked you at our first encounter? 

I nodded and smiled tenderly, the shape of my blush getting deeper. 

"Yes... it was... 


Hello, How Are You?"



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