Re-falling for you

The end is just the begining.........


1. The masquerade

'ELENA!' Damon yells vigorously knocking her door
He's been nearly 30 minutes to take her to the masquerade where they would meet the others
Elena yanks open her wooden door looking calm 'Yes Damon?' She asks
'Can We go?' Damon asks Exhausted
'Yes we can' She says walking out wearing a long pink dress has a golden crisscross design made of string around her chess.
Her long dark brown hair was in a long messy braid
It was obvious she was dressed as Juliet.
They walk towards Damon's black chevron and he opens the door for her and she climbs in
They drive towards the Lockwood mansion silently
Damon drive into their Driveway and parks the car
'Are you ready?' He asks
'One sec.' Elena replies opening her silver clutch and taking out a delicate violet mask that had flowers surrounding the edges
She puts her mask on and turns to face him 'Lets go' She declares and walks out
They walk towards the yard silently and they find Caroline and Tyler
'Hey what's up?' Caroline chirps
'Nothing' Elena says distractedly 'where's Stefan?'
'I'm not sure' Caroline replies
'Hi' Stefan says coming up to them
'Hey' Elena says guilty
There was a long moment until Caroline decides to break it
'Omg look at her' She half yells pointing at a girl who was dressed as the black swan
'Whats wrong with her?' Tyler asks
'Look how pretty she looks compared to me!' Caroline whines
'It doesn't matter Caroline' Elena says reassuringly
Caroline just pouts her arms crossed
Damon frowns at the girl
'What's wrong?' Stefan asks
'She's a Vampire' Damon replies
'How can you tell?' Tyler asks
'She's wearing a daylight ring' He replies
'Come on' Caroline says grabbing Elena,Stefan and Damon
The girl walks inside up the stairs and into an empty room
They follow her in and shut the doors and lock it
She turns around
'Who are you?' Damon Demands he can't who she is her feather mask
She unties her mask and it falls to the ground
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