What i saw changed my life

My name is Kylie. I was seventeen when i found my boyfriend Harry Styles in bed with another girl. I always knew he was a flirt but not a cheater.


2. My boyfriend Harry

After living with Niall for a year going on tour with him and everything Harry asked me out. I shook my head yes.


On our first date Harry seemed nervous. I didn't want him to so for the first time in four years i spoke. "Harry don't be nervous" was all I said

Harry looked shocked "you spoke."

"yeah i feel safe around you and know you care for me and wouldn't hurt me," I said

Next thing I know he picked me up bridal style and we hurried home. He burst though the door and screamed at the top of his lungs "she spoke" I couldn't help but laugh. They all came in really fast Niall with a sandwich in his hand of course. "WHAT" they all screamed at once

"I just wanted to think you all for being so nice to me with what i was going through," I said

they all went and hugged me. "Guys can't breath" I said.

they let go



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