"Louis, Im pregnant."

This story follows Erin and Louis. Erin is a 16 year old girl who is dating Louis Tomlinson, an 18 year old boy. These 2 teens have to suffer the hardest moment in their lives, 'Pregnancy.' They have to suffer the bullying,drama,and consiquences of being parents. Their friends help them, but thats not enough. Will these 2 teens find that being a parent is no joke? Will they be closer than they ever were? Find out more, In this story "Louis, Im pregnant."


1. Birthday shopping, and surprises. Erin POV

Hi. Im Erin. Im 19 years old right now. My birthday isn't until 1 more year. It was yesterday. I had a birthday party for my 19th  and it was great. I don't really remember a lot from last night. I woke up next to my sexy boyfriend in bed, Louis Tomlinson. Oh how I loved Lou. He was funny,smart,and adorable. I looked at him. He had his arm around my body. He was curled up next to me. Shirtless. This wasn't the first time I saw him shirtless. I mean we have been dating around 3 years. So I was used to it. At least he had some great abs. I just want to touch them. I couldn't resist. I looked at his face that was sound asleep. He slept with his mouth open which I thought was super cute. I moved the blanket and touched his abs. I went lower. I rubbed him. Wait,why was he naked. Wait, WHY WAS I NAKED?! "Oh my god." I whispered. I heard Lou moan. He opened his eyes. "Mornin' babe." He said touching my hair. "Lou." I said moving his hand. I was already sitting up with the blanket over my chest so he couldn't see my breasts. He was sitting up. Now we were sitting in bed together. Naked. "What happened last night?!?" I yelled. He had a smirk wiped across his face. "I gave you your birthday present. You said you wanted my di-" I cut him off. "I got it." I said touching his lips. "Okay. Got it." He said almost getting up. "WAIT LOUIS." I said pushing him back down. "Well babe I have to get dressed!" He yelled. "I still don't want to see you naked." I said doing a face palm. "Well, we already had sex last night so aren't we used to it?" He said getting up. "You were probably drunk. Maybe I was too."I said. I grabbed a shirt from the box next to me and put it on. Louis was already up with only a shirt on. "Lou!!!" I said throwing him some boxers. Yes they were mine. I don't know why I had boxers. He put them on and threw me some panties and sweats. "Thanks." I said throwing them on. He ran by me and carried me bridal style downstairs. We were in the living room and I seen Danielle and Eleanor and Perrie cleaning the room. (Ps. Eleanor is Erin's friend and also Louis ex-girlfriend.) "Hey guys you don't have to clean." I said picking up some trash. "Its no problem Eri. Its what we do!" Dani said rubbing my head. I giggled and looked at Louis who was sitting on the couch. His hair was all messy. So was mine. "Well how does it feel to be 19?" Eleanor said laughing. Eleanor was like a big sister to us. She was older than all of us. Including Lou. She was only 2 weeks older than him, but still. "Im hungry." I said going to the kitchen. Louis followed me. "Whatchu wanna eat?" He said next to me. "Cake." I said getting some left over cake. If there is 1 thing you need to know about me, I love angry birds. My whole room was angry birds. My Iphone case was angry birds. Even my cake for my birthday was angry birds. I grabbed the cake from the fridge and sat at the table eating the cake with my fingers. "So Erin, I feel bad for not getting you anything for your Sweet 16 yesterday so Im taking you shopping today. My treat." Danielle said getting ready. "Aw thanks Dani!" I said hugging her. "Now go get ready love! El and Perrie are already done!!!" She said grabbing my cake. I nodded and ran upstairs. I started running the water in the bathtub. I sat there bare naked on the toilet waiting for the water to get hot enough. Once it was hot enough, I jumped inside. As the water ran on my neck I thought, What if Louis didn't use a condom last night? Did I ask him to? Did he remember? Yeah he probably did. Louis always remembers. Once I stopped thinking, I got out of the shower and dried off. I came out of my bathroom and sat on my bed. The bed. Was wet. No it wasn't from me. Well it was from me last night thats what I know. "Oh god." I said face palming. I didn't want to lose my virginity last night. But at least I gave it to the guy I wanted to marry. Once I was dry, I got dressed. I threw on some purple skinny jeans and a black shirt that said Hi. in purple letters. Then I threw on some black vans and a leather jacket and did my hair down. Then i threw on some random black and purple jewelry and the yellow and pink charm bracelet Louis got me for my 14th birthday. I loved it so much. Oh how I loved Louis. He was so romantic. Thats why I loved him. Ever since we were 8, we had feelings for each other. But thats a long story. I cant tell you now because the girls are waiting for me downstairs. I brushed my teeth really fast and ran downstairs. "Im hungry." I said grabbing my purse. "Here have a apple!" Dani said throwing me one. I nodded and said "Thanks." and Louis asked me something. "Hey Erin the boys are coming back today from vacation. Are their rooms okay?" I nodded and blew him a kiss and walked out. Did I mention that I lived with them? Yep. All 9 of us in one big home. It was kinda weird because I was 14 when they moved in. Now, 2 years later and Im used to it. They actually aren't that bad. Kinda fun actually. Anyway I got inside the car next to Dani who was driving. "Where to first ladies?" She said fixing her makeup at a red light. "Um Forever 21?" El said texting someone. "Who knows who she is texting." Perrie said laughing. Me and Perrie were very close. We knew each other since 8th grade. And me and her were the same age. So it was easy to get along with her. Once Dani parked in the parking lot, I ran inside the store. This was my favorite store. Always have the cutest things! "Pick out what you would like, and Ill buy it for you!" Dani said hugging me. I went to the shirts first and picked out about 3 shirts. Then I went to jeans and picked out 4 pairs. Then I went to jewelry and got 3 rings,2 necklaces,and 5 pairs of earrings. Including a earring for my belly button piercing. Perrie came over to me with about 5 bags. "Need anymore?" I said sarcastic. "No, Im good." She said laughing. El came over with about 3 bags and Dani came with about 2 bags. "Well Im done." I said looking at all my stuff. "Here gimme." Dani said holding out her hands.I handed her all the stuff. She payed and she gave me my bags. I took them and we walked to the car. "Im really hungry guys. Can we stop somewhere?" I said getting in the car. "Sure. Maybe dairy queen to get some ice cream?" El said putting her phone in her bag. "Sure." I said excited. I was never hungry like this before. I was kinda scared. As Dani drove I just got hungrier and hungrier. "CMON WOMAN HURRY UP!!!" Perrie screamed. "We are almost there! Calm. Yo. Tits." El said holding Perrie. "Alright Im sorry." Perrie said sitting back down. I laughed at their stupidness and seen a sight that said Dairy Queen. 'WE ARE HERE! PARK THE DAMN CAR!!" I said grabbing Dani. "Okay okay!!!!" She said parking the car. I got out and ordered. "Ill have 6 scoops of chocolate in a cup with extra whipped cream and white sprinkles. Also a cherry and some chocolate sauce." I said handing the guy money. "Damn girl!!!" Dani said ordering her vanilla cone. Perrie ordered 2 scoops of strawberry inside a cup with some whipped cream. And El got a chocolate bar. We sat at a table and ate. Once we were done, I ordered a milkshake to go. "Damn girl you eat a lot." El said getting in the car. "I know." I said sipping my milkshake. "Don't you think you might be pre-" Dani started saying. "THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!" Perrie said laughing. "I think you are Erin." El said tapping my shoulder. "Trust me. Im not. Lou cant be that stupid not to use a condom." I said laughing. El looked at me with "Are you fucking kidding me?" Eyes. "He can be that stupid cant he?" I said nodding my head with tears. "Don't worry Eri." El said wiping the tears that were now falling. "Here. Theres a drug store down the block. Lets go pick up a pregnancy test then use it at home?" Dani said driving across the street. "Okay, that sounds good." I said wiping the tears. Dani drove and all of us got out. We picked up a pregnancy test and went to the cashier. "Aren't you a little to young to have one of these young lady? Kids these days." The cashier said scanning the box rolling her eyes. "Oh bite me you slut." El said snaching the box from the cashiers hands. She looked at us shocked as Perri threw 20 on the table. "Okay. Now we will take it at home." Dani said getting in the car and starting it. All I could do in the car was stare at the box. Not even talk. Just staring. And thinking how my life will change if the test was positive. Dani parked in the garage and we got out. Me and El and Perrie and Dani ran to the bathroom right away, not even saying hi to our boyfriends. "Now whatever it says, just remember we will be here for you 100%." Perrie said kissing my cheek. I nodded and went inside. I peed on the little stick and placed it on the sink. I washed my hands and sat on the floor waiting for the results. Dani and Perrie and El came in and sat by me. Then I heard more footsteps. It was Lou. I hugged him and he knew what was going on. I heard a beep from the test and closed my eyes and took a deep breath before looking at the results. Then I looked at Lou with tears in his eyes. The girls were holding each others hands and I seen the other boys , Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn staring at me with fright in their eyes. Louis looked down and I looked at the test. I burst out in tears and threw it to Harry, who was my bestest guy friend. "You guys are parents." Harry said walking by us and looking at the test. The girls had tears and so did the boys. Me on the other hand was dead out crying. I was going to be a mother. And the father? Louis. "Louis, Im pregnant." is all that came out of my mouth. He nodded and hugged me as he burst out in tears. "Im pregnant." was all I could say. "Im. Pregnant."

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