I'm Alone. Or am I?

When Anastasia is abandoned by her father when he leaves on a "Vacation," Anastasia stars to fall for the curly, dark-haired boy in her class, Harry. But when Anastasia starts to blame herself for her dads absence in her life, does Harry help her or break her heart when its already breaking.

Alternate Universe where the boys aren't famous.


2. How Could That Be The New Kid?

I put all the new clothes I got in my wardrobe and dresser when I got back home, it was late. I changed into my pyjamas and looked at my phone. My background was a picture of me and my mom. I stared at her and me, we looked so happy... So much had changed since I took this picture three months ago... A tear rolled down my cheek and I shut off my phone and cried myself to sleep.


I woke up and did my usual morning routine. I showered, washed my face and dried and brushed my hair. I would then chose my outfit. Today it was a new dress that I had bought. It was black at the top and pink on the bottom. The black was tight and came to the middle of my ribs, the pink flowy down below, coming to my knees in the back and the middle on my shins in the back. I wore a chic jacket that was not much longer than the black of my dress, it was light cream colour and it had the edges folded back in a cute pattern. I adorned black flats that had a black bow over my toes that was sequined with the rest of my outfit. I put on my heart locket that had a picture of my mom, dad, and I before she was diagnosed and the other side was empty. I grabbed my keys and slung my back pack over my shoulder and left. I hated Mondays.


Lexi and I had most of the same classes, but some she didn't like that I took so I had them alone. One of these subjects happened to be Math, which I was great at. 

I took my usual seat in the middle and  pulled out my binder. It was last period so after this I could go home and just relax. 

I had just got started on the questions left on the board by our teacher Mr. Reid, when there was a tap on my shoulder from behind, I turned and saw the curly haired boy from the bookstore.  He was the new kid?

"Hello again, Ana?" He guessed, Lexi said Ana so he must've assumed that was my name.

"Hi, and its Anastasia actually, Anastasia Shepard," I held out my hand.

"Oh sorry, I'm Harry Styles," 

"It's nice to meet you Harry, shame we had to get to know each other in Math class," I smiled.

"Shame," he looked like he was about to say more but Mr. Reid stood up from his desk.

"Morning class, start on the work on the board," He sat back down. 

I turned back to my work smiling. 

The bell finally rang and I collected my stuff and went to my locker, which was right next to Lexi's. I put my stuff in my bag and took it out of my locker and slung it over my shoulder. I leaned against my locker after I'd locked it. 

Lexi came running down the hall after 5 minutes out of breath. 

"What happened?" I asked standing up straight. 

"Gym ... Stupid kid ... punched someone ... couldn't leave ... till it was ... resolved..." She managed taking breathes in between words.

"Why were you running?" I asked after a minute or so letting her catch her breath.

"Well, I had to run here before the kid hit me, he was still mad," she said all of this while quickly putting her stuff in her bag and locking it up again. 

"Oh," I said. 

"Yeah, now lets go before we get pummelled!" She exclaimed and we hurried off down the halls.

We made it to our cars and drove out of the lot as fast as we could, within the limit of course.


I arrived home and unlocked the door, used to the emptiness by now. I went up to my room and set my bag down and changed into some grey track pants that came to my knees and a black tank top and a bright green sweat shirt the said hello in fancy writing. 

I pulled my laptop onto my lap after sitting down on my bed and getting a chocolate bar from my cupboard. I opened up twitter, Facebook, instagram and tumblr. Searching for anything.... 

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