Love is the most precous thing anyone can ask for. To no that there is someone out there who spends every second of their day thinging about you, anticipating for the next time that they can set their eyes on you.

Its has been a long time for me. I bearly remeber what it feels like for some one to love you, this its my story...


2. Him

The next morning I opened my eyes. I saw the autumn leave right beside my face. Its dawned on me the leaves on the ground were stained red. Oh no! I must of fallen off the tree while I was sleeping. I touched my forehead and there was a large nasty cut on it. I tried to move my legs but they wouldn't co-operate. I felt so dizzy. Everything started to go blurry. I fought with myself to keep my eyes open. I closed them and re-opened them only to find another pair staring into mine. I felt his warm soft hands sqeezing mine and just about made out him whispering in my ear saying "its ok I'll take care of you". 

Who was he? Was he one of them? did "take care of me" mean kill me? No. His tone was warm sweet and gentil. He was genuine. Something told me it was ok to trust him. I felt so week I fell asleep.


I stretched my arms out and felt a warm blanket on me. Had it all just been a dream? No. I opened my eyes to see the same set of eyes staring back at me from the other side of the small, dim room.  I got to look at him properly and he was about 14, tall, dark and handsome.

He stood up and I saw his tall strong muscular build. He walked over to me and whispered "It's ok, you'll be fine". Then gave me a warm reasurring smile.


Zayns POV

I told her everything would be fine because I will make everything ok. There's something about this girl, i dont know there just is! Any way shes probably really confused so I think I'm going to introduce myself to her.

"Hi, My name is Zayn. When i found you, you had quite a concushion. It's ok I bandaged you up. Any way we don't know who you are, or if your and orphan or what so..."

I tried to say it in such a way that it didnt sound to obnoxious.


Alexandra's POV

He asked me if I was an orphan? why?

"Yes I am an orphan... my parents were murdered the other night..."

I wasn't sue if I should of told him that or not but i had nothing to loose.

He placed his warm hand on mine.


Zayns POV

She's an orphan! That is great! well not about her parents but that she can stay!

"Why did you ask if I was an orphan?" she questioned.

"Well, because this is an orphanige. I am too. My parents abandoned me..."

But who is she?

"Who are you?" I questioned her, but I knew there wasn't any other way to word that.

"My name is Alexandra. Im 13 years old and i have no family and no where to go."

"Well seeming this is and orphanige i suppose yuou could stay here if you like...?"


Alexadras POV

Stay?!?!?!?! Orphanige?!?!?!?!

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