Angel is living with vampires,and has been all her life . One Direction end up speaking at her school , what will she do when the boys tell her .well read to find out what happens to this crazy girl.sorry changed it becuse of terrible writers block.


1. Preface


Angel is a 16 year old girl. When she meets One Direction her life changes. The boys are like her father they are vampires .Angel doesn’t know that vampires exist not until the boys tell her what she is anyways. Her father and mother are Vampires. 

                She has ice blue eyes, blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back, perfect smile. She was 5” 11’ and very skinny. She was good at everything, but best at singing and writing. She is single and her best friend, Shay, is a lot like her. These two are two peas in a pod, well except that Shays gay. She is not popular because of Shay but she doesn’t care. 

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