Trying to be cool

Best Friends don't last forever! Delanie found that out when her bestfriend dissed her for a better crowd. SO popular and cool and she was just left back in the shadows waiting for him to come begging for her but it never happened. I HATE


3. The Safe spot

 I stopped looking and opened the door. I sat down next to him as he turned on toy story. Uh toy story? i questioned him as he turned to me. Yeah its a classic but if you wanna watch something else here he said as he handed me the WII remote.


Lets watch a scary movie i say as i put the arrow hand on "Human Centipede". Well thats kinda scary dell...,mind if i call you that? Uhh Liam thats Zayns nickname for me and why are you scared of a little scary movie? i responded with a questioning voice.


Oh ok ill call you Lanie and no im not scared....its just..... he stalled as he starred at me. You talk now he said. Dont worry ill protect you from the monsters! It started pouring rain and there was a huge storm. I had no idea where Zayn was but i was sorta enjoying staying at Liams house for a little.


Half way through the movie i noticed myself zoning off. I woke up with a fright when i heard a scream. But it was just in the movie. Liam looked at me with his deep eyes. I continued watching it.


All the lights were on untill. BAM!! The power went off and i screamed as loud as i could. The power went out cause of the storm. I felt a hand grab mine. I jumped but i could see the outline of Liam.


The thunder was so loud that i couldnt hear him talk. He pulled me outside where the wind was blowing and lightning was hitting trees and knocking them down. Liam got in the car and i got in the other side.


We could finally hear eachother. WHAT ARE WE DOING i yelled as i was breathing so hard i could Harley breathe. Calm down he said grabbing my hand. We need to go somewhere safe he said as i calmed down. Zayns house easy i need to see him! Lets go he said as we drove off to Zayns place.


Sorry its so short

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