Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


1. One..

The sound of the music fills my ears as I feel like someone is staring at me. Of course someone is staring at me. They usually do. Well, let me just introduce myself. My name is Catie, or actually it’s Catie Lynn but everyone just says Catie. I just turned 17 and I love to have fun! Well, back to the people looking at me thing. I have a huge amount of confidence, and I know I look good. I’ve got a slight different look than the other girls here in Stratford, with my long wavy golden brown hair and big brown eyes,  maybe because I’m not from here. I’m from New York, so I’m used to all the crazy parties stuff. Though, there is something about this town here in Canada that makes me wants to stay. I think it’s the danger here. It’s just like the danger fills the air, and to be honest, I’ve always been drawn to the danger, even though I know that’s I defiantly shouldn’t be.

I’m quite different from my friends. Especially my 3 girls, Ashley, Brook and Candice. They’re all my best friends and have been ever since I moved here 1 and a half year ago. They have told me several times that I should really stay away from the bad guys here, cause maybe “bad guys” in the states are bad, but according to my girls, the boys here is worse. Great.

Catie: “Girls! C’mon, let’s dance and have some fun!”
Candice: “Catie, girl, you’re drunk!”
Catie: “How can I be drunk when I don’t drink Candie?”
Ashley: “She’s right Candie. She can’t be drunk; she just wants to have some fun!”
Candice: “I don’t know if you remember, but the last time this girl wanted to have ‘fun’ it ended up in chaos!” okay yeah.. Once I wanted to have fun, and I did. I threw a party at Candice’s house, it was amazing. But ever since that she has been overprotective, and I don’t know why? I didn’t die?

Anyways, I don’t care what those girls want to do right now! I’m going to party! I make my way away from the girls and out to the dance floor to dance with some other friends of mine. Not even friends, more like people who just seem familiar. Anyways I start dancing with this girl named Cadence and as we just have fun, she stops and whispers something in my ear, I have to think about it before I know what she says

Cadence: “Catie? Turn around!” I do what she tells me to and turn around just to look directly in to a pair of deep dark eyes with a slight touch of hazel. He looks at me like he could kill me, everything about screams out danger and his aura keeps my heart pumping. I could feel something different that made me want to talk to him. But no, I shouldn’t do that
Cadence: “CATIE! Let’s get out of here” why? Where are we going? Who is that guy, and why was he staring at me? Weird.

Catie: “Cadence where are we going?”
Cadence: “Just out of here!”
Catie: “Why?”
Cadence: “Because of that guy staring at you!” wait? WHAT! Are we leaving because of him? What’s wrong with him? Is he like her ex or? As we get out of the house and get out of the front yard we meet my precious girls. They’re all there Brook, Ashley and Candice. Candice looks scared, but not because something happened to her, scared about what would happen to me.

Catie: “Okay could you please explain? Some guy looks at me and suddenly we’re all out here? What is going on?”
Brook: “Catie, trust me. He’s no good. At all!” they know I’m attracted to danger. I’m drawn to it.
Ashley: “Catie, you’ve got to listen to them! Normally I’m on your side, but not in this case!”
Catie: “I know.. But who is he?!” they all look at each other, though Cadence is gone.
Candice: “No one you want to get close to”
Catie: “I kind of figured that out, but why?”
Candice: “You don’t need to know. You should just listen to us for once!”
Brook: “She’s right. Just please Catie, promise you won’t talk to him or anything!”

Why won’t they just tell me who the hell he is? I mean, he’s just a boy? It’s not like he killed a bunch of girls after he raped them and they were afraid I’d be his last target? Were they?

Catie: “Alright! I promise! I won’t be in his company, and I won’t go anywhere he is present. Alright?”

They look almost comfortable now. But I still need to know who he is! Wait I promised. I can’t. I always keep my promises, especially when it comes to my best girls! We never lie to each other or go behind each other’s backs! We’re like sisters.

The next day in school is like every other. Me, Candice, Brook and Ashley nearly rule this school! And now you might think, popular bitches that pick on all the younger people and the losers. Nearly like the plastics from the movie Mean Girls. We are not like that, at all. We are more calmed. We are popular, but we are not mean! I would never be, I’d rather help the others in the school, though many other students fear us, I think they are afraid that we’ll bully them if they say anything to us. To actually we’re just popular for looking good? Though, I don’t understand that. How do you get popular for looking good? I don’t get it, but anyways when we were finally let out of school that day, the girls were waiting for me outside on the parking lot, Ashley just got a new car, so she was supposed to drive us all to Brooks place where we’d talk and have fun as always but as soon I walk through the doors that separates school and freedom, Candice runs towards me and push me back inside

Candice: “You can’t go out there!”
Catie: “Bu-“
Candice: “Don’t ask! He’s here!”

Jesus. He’s here? The guy from the party! There is a window in the big school doors, so I and Candice look out from them so she can show me where he is. And just as she said, he’s there on the parking lot leaning against his, what is that? Is that a Range Rover? Wonder where he got the money for that. It’s like he’s waiting for me. As I turn to look at Candice she runs out of the door to run after Brook who’s making her way towards the mysterious boy. I see her stop right in front of him and just talk to him as Candice runs over to her and pull her away, it looks like she’s trying to apologize because of what Brook did. A minute later they all come in, except for Ashley who drives her car to the back of the school. We are obviously headed to the back doors, to avoid him I guess.  Is it me he is waiting for? Or rather searching for.

We all make our way through the door and into Ashley’s car, it’s a cool car

Ashley: “Brook, what the hell are thinking about? You can’t just walk up to him like that!”
Brook: “I just wanted to tell him to leave her alone!”
Ashley: “Oh yeah? Let’s see how much you say when he’s done breaking your face!”
Catie: “GIRLS! Shut up! Could you please tell me what happened right there?”
Candice: “Catie, we think he is searching for you. And you’re so not going to have any contact with him! So what happened was that Brook decided to walk up to him and slap him or something-“
Brook: “I wasn’t going to slap him! I wanted to explain to him that he should leave Catie alone!”
Candice: “Whatever Brook! Anyways, she luckily didn’t get there fast enough to open her mouth and get beat up!”
Ashley: “Girls… Please? Let’s just go home. Maybe he wasn’t even looking for Catie?” 

Ashley was right. She always is, cause why would he ever be searching for me? Yes I am one the prettiest and most attractive girls in town, but honestly? I don’t even know his name! Does he know my name?

Ashley: “Alright girls! Who would like some coca cola? Or anything?”

We all instantly reply with a loud yes. We love coca cola! And we always drink it during our girl talks. Yes we girl talk. About embarrassing things such as good things. Hot and cute boys, and it was here I made quite a mistake

Catie: “Well, whoever that guy is you try to protect me from. I think he’s cute”

It was in this moment Brook spit all her coke out in Candice face as they all looked at me as if I was on drugs. Oh no. This is not going to be pretty. I should’ve kept my mouth shut!

Brook: “Girl WHAT! Are you stupid?”
Ashley: “Brook! Take it easy! Girl, have you lost your mind completely!?”
Catie: “Uhm… I just said-“
Candice: “Girls, shut up! All of you! Catie! Hurricane, WHAT do you think he is?”
Catie: “Cute? What’s wrong with that?”
Candice: “Catie girl, trust me, he’s anything but cute according to the rumors”

Rumors? So that’s what all is about. Some bitches spreading rumors about this boy who just happens to obviously be looking for me. Weird. I’ll probably never understand those girls and their habits of being overprotective because I am 1 year younger.  Those girls… By now I honestly think I’ve been staring out in the empty air for hours. I can’t stop thinking about him! His tall figure and dark eyes is haunting me! His plumb lips, his hair, everything. I wish I knew his name..

Ashley: “Hey girl, are you alright?”
Catie: “Ash? You know the answer…”
Ashley: “I know Catie. But you shouldn’t think about him. He is cruel honey. Trust me.”
Catie: “How do I know you’re telling the truth? I want to meet him. But I can’t cause I promised you…”
Ashley: “Catie, honey, we only do it for your own best. You know that right?”
Catie: “I guess I do…”

I just sit here thinking about him. Wonder what his name is. Brad? Christian? Bob? Ew, not Bob, that would be weird! He probably has some real sexy name! Or something. Oliver maybe? I don’t know. Anyways it’s time for me to leave Brooks house, so I go and say goodbye to all the girls and refuse to get a ride home.
As I walk there on the lonely street at 23PM on a Friday night, I see a slight familiar silhouette stand by the corner of a building, oh Jesus. It’s him.  He slowly disappears around the corner, and as I walk a little further, I see him stand a little down the street talking to some guy. He looks bad. They both do, and I have to pass them? No way! I’ll wait here until they’re gone. I can’t hear what they’re talking about, but I’m pretty sure I must’ve said something, when the other guy pulled out a gun and pointed it towards the mysterious boys forehead, since  they both turned to look at me. I panicked and I started running, but I don’t really know where I was going, all I know is that I would be running for my life! I heard footsteps behind me, they were chasing me! I should’ve said yes to that ride home… Suddenly I only here one person yelling for me, the other is gone? Where is he then? I don’t dare turning around to see if it’s they guy with the gun or the mysterious stranger. I run as fast as I can and I almost escape the one chasing me as I run pass a dead end and someone grabs my arm and pull me into the dead end, I try to scream, but first of all I’m frozen, second of all someone is holding their hand in front of my mouth. My heart is pounding like I just ran a marathon, which I basically did, in heels. I’ll never wear heels again! I think I’m dead. I feel tears pressing against my eyes as a tears leaves my eye and hit the strangers hand, he slowly let’s go of my mouth so I can breath as he turns me around and hugs me, presses my head into his chest. His smell, it’s so good. I do not doubt a second who it is. The other guy would’ve killed me right away.  The mysterious boy starts carrying me and he places me in a car, the back seat of a Range Rover. It must be his car. He drives me somewhere I don’t know where is, but for sure it’s not my house! SHIT! I promised to text the girls when I got home, and trust me by the time that had passed by I could’ve been walking home and back to Brooks place at least 3 times!

Catie: “Excuse me? Who are you?”
Mysterious boy: “You don’t need to know. Especially not now”
Catie: “Alright. Can I text my friends then? Just so they know I’m okay...”
Mysterious boy: “I’m not supposed to tell you what to do.”
Catie: “Oh… I’m sorry”
Mysterious boy: “Why are you apologizing?”
Catie: “For obviously ruining your business…”
Mysterious boy: “Well, Actually. You kind of saved my life right there. I’m thankful for that”

He doesn’t seem as bad as they say he is. What is their problem with him? He seems nice.
I quickly text Candice and let her know that I am alright, and she instantly replies that she was nervous something had happened to me. Silly girl, nothing happens to me in this town. The Mysterious boy opens the door and pulls me out of the car in a rush. He pulls me all the way towards a house, his I guess. He opens the door to push me inside and turn the lights on. Dang… He’s looks really angry, but handsome.

Mysterious boy: “Now tell me, what are you sneaking around like that for huh? You could’ve got yourself killed! Are you aware of that huh? Do you think this is a fucking game huh?”
Catie: “Uhm, no I’m sorry I was on my way home…”
Mysterious boy: “Then find another way to walk home!”

Did he just yell at me? And give me orders? Alright boy, you asked for it!

Catie: “Look, I’ve been living here for 1 and a half year, walking exactly there every night, and I have never, never I say been chased, pulled into a dead end and driven away in a car! Ever! So how about you find a another place to make your business?”

Oops. That was a bad idea. A pitch black color covered his eyes and he looked murderous

Mysterious boy: “Listen up bitch! I am the one here deciding what’s happening! So I suggest you find another way home, cause next time I see you around I won’t safe your little miserable life? Understood!”
Catie: “Who do you think you are talking to me like that? My dad! I do what I want to do, and you are not going to decide what I want to do. And I could’ve saved myself by the way!”
Mysterious boy: “yeah right you could…”
Catie: “Ass hole… “

He walks towards me until me stands directly in front of me, and bend his body over me to look me on the eyes with a huge amount of anger to say

Mysterious boy: “Look you little ratchet whore, I took you here, to save your life. I make the rules, and you keep your mouth closed unless you want to use it for something useful as sucking my fucking dick! Get that?”

Wow. That was unexpected. From the nice guy by the dead end and in the car to this cruel boy… 
While I just sit there with my mouth shut trying not to get into any more trouble another boy walk into the room, now who is he?

Mysterious boy: “Dylan! Get the hell out of here!”

Dylan was obviously his name… Wee… One more of those guys…

Dylan: “But Ju- WHO THE FUCK IS THAT! What is she doing here, you know what! Come with me now!”

The mysterious boy walked out of the room with Dylan. I could hear they were yelling at each other, something about I shouldn’t be here, and that he should’ve killed me right away? Wow, were these guys really so much trouble? They kept having their little discussion as I just sat there on a couch doing nothing, I obviously weren’t allowed to open my mouth unless I wanted to suck his dick, whoever he was.
After they had been talking for what seems like forever, they both walked in the room.

Catie: “What is your name?”
Mysterious boy: “Why are you talking? Didn’t we already talk about this?!”
Catie: “I just asked what your name was! Isn’t it fair enough that I know the name of the boy who saved my life?! Huh?”
Mysterious boy: “Bieber. The name is Bieber, and you better shiver your fine little ass off every time you hear my name! Got that?”
Catie: “Yeah yeah, relax I got it.”  

Bieber? The name didn’t really seem familiar. Interesting name though… I am pretty sure Ashley knows something about him, she usually never protects me, she is more like ‘let her make her mistakes, she’ll learn from them… ‘  therefor it was also kind of terrifying that she suddenly protected me.

Catie: “Bieber? When can I go home?”
Bieber: “Home? Are you crazy? What if someone sees you walking out from here? Uh-uh, you’re staying here. I don’t want to have trouble because I had so save your life”
Catie: “Wow, you don’t really sound like someone who usually saves lives…”
Bieber: “Trust me. You don’t want to know. And you will never get to.”
Catie: “Listen I have to go to my friends place! Can’t you take me there then?”
Bieber: “Do I look like someone who wants to play private driver with you?”
Catie: “No. But it won’t hurt to be little friendly once in a while, instead of constantly being a cock.”
Bieber: “WHAT?! Listen up! You shut the fuck up, you little cheap bitch or you’ll never ever get out of here! Do you hear me! Again, shut your mouth unless you want to put my dick in it. Bitch”


Wow. Pretty language Bieber… Unless I want to have his dick in my mouth, tssh! Loser. But, cute, handsome, sexy, badass loser. I hate badass boys. They always make me love them. But this one, he was different. Bieber is not just a bad boy, he’s probably a criminal since I can’t even walk out of the house. And then the dark color in his eyes, where does it come from? His eyes are almost pitch black when you look into them. But it doesn’t look natural, more like a sign that he has the urge to kill. Would he kill me? I have to talk to Ashley about this. I don’t want to talk to Candice or Brook, they’ll never understand. Me and Ashley has always been closer to each other than to the other girls. Ashley is like me, attracted to bad boys who are defiantly not good for her. The more bad they are the better. It’s terrifying to see, it’s like seeing her losing her dignity, that’s what Candice says, but me? I understand her.
Her father, like mine was a police man. Or my father still is, but her dad died in a gang fight because he was going to stop it. My mom and Ashley’s mom? Pretty much alike. Ashley mom was a model when she was young and now owned her own magazine. My mom is a makeup artist, a famous one of the kind and she was plenty of money, so we’re pretty much rich. My father always told me stories about all the criminals out there, I think that are why they fascinate me. I heard so much about them. I guess that’s why I am attracted to bad boys.


Bieber: “Aye, get up. I’m taking you to where ever your friend lives…”
Catie: “What happened to ‘you are not going anywhere’?”
Bieber:  “I changed my mind. I’m going to let you go. But trust me. We’ll meet again! I’m not done with you”


He’s not done with me? Can’t wait to see where this will lead us.

He pulls up in front of Ashley’s house, I say goodbye and get out of the car. I knock on Ashley’s door and as soon as she opens it, Bieber takes off. Wonder what his real name is… Or at least his first name. Ashley asks me where I’ve been today, cause of course she has been at my house to search for me. She knows me too well even when we’re only texting.


Ashley: “Girl, where were you last night?”

Catie: “Uhm, that’s a really complicated question… Can I ask you something?”
Ashley: “Do you promise to answer me question after I answered yours?”

Catie: “Yeah! Sure!”

Ashley: “Then bring it on! Ask me anything”

Catie: “Ashley. I know you know something about that kid from the party. Tell me about him”

Ashley: “Catie I…  Alright. His name is Justin. Justin Bieber. And I know he looks handsome and everything but… Catie, do you remember the story I told you about my dad? How he died in a gang fight a month before you got here?”
Catie: “Yeah, how can I forget?”

Ashley: “Uhm… Justin was the one who shot him”


My heart completely skipped a beat. What? No! Justin can’t have been the one who shot him! How did Justin even end up in all this!? I have to talk to him!


Ashley: “Now answer my question. Where the hell where you last night?”

Catie: “You see. I was on my way home when I caught someone drug dealing I think, and they were just right there where I was supposed to pass to get home, so I just decided to wait till they were gone, when one of them suddenly pulled out a gun and was ready to shoot the other one, so I got scared and I think I screamed but I’m not sure cause suddenly they were both chasing me, so I just ran for my dear life when one of them suddenly was gone and then reappeared and pulled me in to a dead end to protect me from the other guy. Then he took me to his home, or he drove me there in his car, and before I knew it I found out it was the guy from the party… Aka, Justin Bieber obviously…”


Ashley was shocked. She was frozen. I think she needs some time to think.


Ashley: “So he found you that bitch?”
Catie: “I don’t know. I don’t think he knows who I am. He didn’t seem like he knew”

Ashley: “Oh come on girl! He knows every single name of every single individual in this fucking town!”

Catie: “Man… I am screwed. He said he wasn’t done with me…”

Ashley: “Girl, get out of this town. Get out of here fast!”

Catie: “Fuck no! I’m staying here! I’m not running away because of some bitch like him!”


Me and Ashley’s discussion could’ve lasted forever. But since I am so stubborn, it ended with her agreeing in me staying right here. I am not going anywhere.


Catie: “Hello?”
Brook: “Hello giiirl! You, me, Candice, Ashley party now at Dylan’s!”


Dylan’s? Fuck! That was where the other boy seemed so familiar from! The school! Oh my fucking Christ! Is the party at their house then or? Oh my god. That means Justin is going to be there…


Catie: “Ashley! Brook says Dylan is throwing a party!”
Ashley: “Who is Dylan!”
Catie: “A guy from school!”
Ashley: “Dylan from English?
Catie: “Yeah!”
Ashley: “What time?”
Catie: “What time Brook?”

Brook: “8PM, will you be there?”

Catie: “Uhm yes!”


As me and Ashley got ready and we headed to the party looking great! Ashley with her long beautiful red-ish hair and green eyes. She has a few freckles over her nose; she looks so sweet, like sugar! She’s wearing a cream colored short dress and cream colored heels. Me? I am wearing a black and white dress with cream colored heels as well. I usually always wear cream colored heels, because they elongate the legs, which is quite an advantage since I’m not really very tall like the other girls. Ashley is quite a lot thin, but this dress just fits her perfectly! I am the kind of girls who has curves, but to be honest, all my curves are at the right places. When we enter the party there is people everywhere!  Dancing, talking or making drinking contests. Losers, who makes a contest about who can drink the most, seriously, whoever wins will be god damn wasted for 3 days. When we arrive, to my surprise the other girls go the dance floor and Ashley stays with me, wow who would’ve thought the other girls would ever hit a dance floor?


Ashley: “Wow, it’s usually you who head straight to the dance floor”
Catie: “Ha-ha, yeah I know. Seeing them having fun is kind of weird you know?”
Ashley: “So agreed. I’ve never seen them dance. Ever!”
Catie: “Yup, that’s what happens when you start hanging out with a NY-Chick”


And then in the middle of our conversation, and our looking at the other girls dancing like they would die tomorrow, someone steps up behind me and takes my hand


Justin: “Don’t get in trouble tonight shawty; I won’t be there to help…”

Catie: “Justin? What are you talking about?”

Justin: “I promised I wouldn’t safe your life next time you got in trouble”

Catie: “Oh, great then. I can handle it myself, trust me”

Justin: “Just what I thought shawty”


He places both hands on my waist, Ashley still haven’t noticed him. God bless that fact. He pulls me closer to him and wraps his arms around me. He has so strong arms, it’s crazy. And what that, A tattoo? Of what? Is that an owl? How cute, he likes owls. Or something


Catie: “You never told me you had a tattoo?”
Justin: “You didn’t ask. And you shouldn’t be talking”


Shit. He saw it. Yes I have tattoo as well, I have a star tattooed behind my ear, it’s for the boy my dad once killed. It was an accident, that’s what he says. But I know what happened. He shot him because he didn’t have the situation under control. 


Justin: “So? Why do you have a star tattooed behind your ear?”

Catie: “I got it when my dad ‘accidently’ shot a young boy in the middle of a gang fight he didn’t have under control. The tattoo is dedicated to the boy and his family. I haven’t talked to my dad since that day.”

Justin: “Wow. That sucks. I have a bird tattoo on my hip, for my brother who got shot a couple of years ago”


He has more than that tattoo? Sexy, I mean, sweet, I mean… Forget it. I can’t believe Ashley hasn’t seen him standing there yet, but it’s actually only good. She hates him from the bottom of her heart after he shot her dad. Normally I would hate him as well, but he did safe my life the other day. And what is he doing now? He softly kiss my neck, what in the?


Catie: “What the fuck are you doing?”
Justin: “C’mon babe, let’s find some place more private”

Catie: “Uhm, how about no? Do I look like a whore?”

Justin: “Hmmm… No. But if you were I’d pay you to stay with me forever”


Excuse me? WHAT! Am I really going to slap him now? Am I? No, I better not do that, he’ll just go crazy. But he what? He would pay me to stay with him forever is I was a whore? Is he like obsessed or something?


Catie: “Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

Justin: “No. But I can give you one if you want?”

Catie: “Uhm, no thanks, I’d actually rather just stand here with my friend for a while”

Justin: “Alright, but I’ll find you later”


He kisses my neck again. It feels good, but I won’t show him. I’m hard to get, and there’s a long way for him if he wants me. His lips let’s go of my neck leaving a slightly visible hickey, he let’s go of my waist and smack my ass which makes me turn around to look at him and then he just winks at me. Douche.
Ashley looks at me like I haven’t heard a word of what she just said, even though she didn’t say anything. I think. Did she?


Ashley: “Catie are you even listening?”

Catie: “Oh I’m so sorry! What did you say?”
Ashley: “I said; it’s weird that Justin isn’t here, don’t you think?”

Catie: “Oh, yeah. Really weird, are you sure he isn’t here?

Ashley: “Well I haven’t seen him, and he’s usually where the girls are”

Catie: “Maybe not tonight girl, maybe not tonight”


Ashley looks at me with her ‘I guess so’ look. I now that look way too well. Brook comes over and looks like she’s completely wasted, like completely. I thought she was wasted until she started speaking


Brook: “Anyone who has some liquor bitches!!”
Catie: “Brook? Are you drunk?!”
Ashley: “No Catie. She’s wasted”


Me and Ashley start laughing our butts off and Brook obviously doesn’t get why. I’ve only seen her dunk a couple of times, but when she’s wasted it’s even worse! Candice comes over dying of laughter because it’s her fault Brook is completely wasted. We just stand there three girls and laugh at her and she doesn’t understand anything! She’s hilarious when she’s wasted, and the even more fun part is that tomorrow she won’t remember anything, so we’re going to prank her a little tomorrow! The four of us head to the dance floor, and start dancing to Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm, when the song finish Rihanna’s We Found Love blasts through the speakers and suddenly I feel someone wrapping their arms around me, again.


Justin: “Told you so… “

Catie: “Do you always keep your promises Justin?”

Justin: “How did you get my first name shawty?”

Catie: “People talk Justin”

Justin: “That’s right. Do you want to dance?”

Catie: “We kind of are dancing…”


It was in this moment I realized that the girls were staring at us, they had seen him. Shit. The girls had their mouths wide open and their jaws were hanging down. Justin’s phone starts ringing, he picks it up and whoever he’s talking to, doesn’t seem happy.



Justin: “I have to go shawty, and don’t get involved okay?”

Catie: “Where are you going?”

Justin: “Stay out of my business I said”

Catie: “Where are you going I asked?”

Justin: “Stay out of it”

Catie: “I’ll just follow you then”

Justin: “Start following me and you’ll end up dead, bitch! Get that?”


Okay. I’ll just leave him then. I look at him with an angry look in my eyes; he’s not supposed to talk to me like that. He just looks at me turn around and then he’s gone. Why exactly do I feel like I’m having a knife through my heart whenever he leaves?


Candice: “Ash? What just happened?”
Brook: “Her bad ass boyfriend just left to do his business”

Ashley: “Brook, shut up and drink some tequila! Catie, what the fuck just happened?!”

Catie: “I talked to Justin?”

Candice: “I told you to stay away from that piece of crap!”

Catie: “I know! But that piece of crap saved my life yesterday! What do you think about that huh?”


By that sentence I just had to get out of there. So I turned around and walked away. I entered to garden to Dylan’s huge house and sat on a bench in the middle of the garden as I heard Ashley screaming my name. I turned around to see her run towards me. She sits beside me, asking me to tell her what that was about, the whole me talking to Justin thing. I tell her that I actually don’t know, cause I didn’t expect him to come over and talk to me and shit, but he did. She looks just as confused as I am…


Catie: “You know… It’s just… I don’t even know!”


Yes, I’d probably do some crazy stuff for that boy. And I know that good is the last thing he is for me, but I just can’t help feeling drawn to him. His dangerous side is what keeps my eyes on every time I see him. He looks so good, and the bad ass image he has suits him better than anything. I feel drawn to his dark dangerous eyes, and I have been since the first day I saw him. 2 days ago. Dylan comes out, poke Ashley on the shoulder and tell her get back inside so he can talk to me


Dylan: “Catie, what are you doing out here?”

Catie: “I don’t know. Just being lonely I guess…”

Dylan: “Catie, tell me why you’re here”

Catie: “Because, I don’t understand. My girls says that Justin is a piece of crap, but I don’t feel that way” 

Dylan: “Justin is a part of some sick shit. I am as well. So at some point he is a piece of crap”

Catie: “Yeah I know. But I just. I want to forget about him, but I can’t…”

Dylan: “Why would you forget about him?”

Catie: “So I wouldn’t have to feel drawn to him… By the way, how did he end up in all this crap?”

Dylan: “His brother got him into this. He was a drug dealer, and Justin took his place after he died”

Catie:  “Wow… Does he ever consider getting out it?”

Dylan: “Nope. He doesn’t have anyone to stop for”

Catie: “What do mean he has no one to stop for?”

Dylan: “You see, most drug dealers like Justin, are really way too far into their business. Those of them who choose to get out of it, usually does because of a girl…”
Catie: “And Justin doesn’t have a girl…”

Dylan: “Exactly… Man, I wish he would just fall in love so fucking hard and get out of that crap!”

Catie: “I thought you were in it too?”

Dylan: “I am. But I can’t get out before Justin gets out…”

Catie: “But, has he never been in love?”

Dylan: “Justin? Love? Good joke! Justin has never ever been in love, and I doubt he ever will be”


I really don’t get it. Justin has never been in love, and Dylan doubts he will ever be. Wow, he really doesn’t do the whole girl thing, except when it comes to sex I guess. Dylan told me to pass by Justin’s house tomorrow, before he wakes up. Of course I’d do that, for Justin.


Me and the girls leave the party and we reach my house first. I get inside and the girls leave together, they said something about they would have a sleep over tonight, but I don’t feel like joining them tonight, too many things happened, so I’d rather just stay alone so I can get some time to think things through. I get upstairs and throw myself in my bed to sleep. Now if you wonder my mom is, let me just tell you she spends like 2 weeks in NY and then like 2 days here with me. She basically only moved me here because I didn’t want to live in the same town as my dad after he killed that boy. That bastard. I hate my dad for it! How could he just shoot a boy like that? I catch myself lying with my hand behind my ear, feeling the tattoo I have. Poor boy, poor family. If I had one day left on this planet, and I could do whatever I wanted, I’d find the family of that boy, and tell them how sorry I feel for them, and how disappointed I am in my dad.


The next morning I head to Justin’s house, and Dylan lets me in. I start talking to Dylan about what happened yesterday and at the same time; I make scrambled eggs and bacon for Justin. I finish the breakfast and Dylan walks upstairs to tell Justin that breakfast is ready. I hear Dylan telling him that he has a surprise for him. Justin walks downstairs with no shirt on, I see the bird tattoo he was walking bout yesterday. Justin looks directly into my eyes when he sees me, he doesn’t look happy…


Justin: “What the fuck is this bitch doing here? I don’t have time for this!”

Dylan: “Just get your shit together and be thankful she’s here! She made you breakfast you douche!”
Catie: “Dylan, stay out of this. Justin shut the fuck up and talk nicely to me for once!”

Justin: “You’re still not the one making the rules here! I am!”

Catie: “I don’t give a fuck about who makes the rules you ass hole! Eat your damn breakfast!”


Justin looked surprised by the way I talked to him. This can’t be good. Justin makes his way towards me, grabs my arm and pulls me upstairs. He pushes me into his room and places his hands behind his neck, what does he want from me?


Justin: “What are you doing in my house?”

Catie: “Trying to be nice to you. But it obviously doesn’t matter what I do, then I’m just a bitch”

Justin: “Don’t talk like that to me! Understand?”

Catie: “I talk to you exactly how I want to”


I instantly felt Justin’s hand hit my cheek as he slapped me. He stands directly in front of me and I lift my hand to feel my cheek, it’s hot and it hurts. A loud ass slap fills the room as I instantly slap him back. His eyes turn completely black, and I just look at him, I am not afraid of him. Justin pushes me against the wall holding a tight grip on both of my arms


Justin: “What the fuck do you think you’re doing you little slut?! Slapping me? Who do you think you are?”
Catie: “You slapped me first, ass hole!”  
Justin: “That doesn’t mean you should slap me! I slap you when I feel like, bitch!”

Catie: “And I slap back you idiot! It’s called defending yourself!”
Justin: “Let’s see if you’ll be able to defend yourself when I literally fuck you up in 2 seconds!”

Catie: “Oh okay! Fuck me that’s what you want to do?!”

Justin looks directly into my eyes as he instantly kisses me as a reaction to what I just said. I wrap my arms around his neck as he lift me up and push me against the wall. Something tells me this will go way too far…


Okay, that was the first chapter of Drawn To Danger!
I hope you liked it, if you did let me know by writing it as a comment!
Can't wait to see what you guys think about it! If you think it's good, I'll continue the story, if not? Maybe I wont continue it.
- Me<3

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