The Walking Dead

Susan is at her Aunt Laurie's house when people turn into cannibals and if they bite you you'll die then come back to eat. You call them whatever you want they call them walkers. Her Uncle Rick is still in the hospital from getting shot in the ribs and they leave without him. She is 14, her cousin Carl is 10 how are they going to survive without Rick? Will Shane find them and make them safe? Got to find out by reading.


1. The beginning

I rode my bike to get Carl from school. I lived with him and my aunt and uncle. The thing is my mom and dad died in a car accident when I was 3 years old. They were coming to get me from My aunt's house because they were on a cruise for a week. Their brakes weren't working and they drowned.
When I got to his school he stood on my bike and we went. He looked around and saw all the helicopters and cop cars. "What do you think is going on Susan?" He asked. I shrugged. "I don't know Carl I was wondering the same thing." I said. Carl and I were like brother and sister. We were inseparable at home. I ran over something and lost control of my bike. I got the brakes and looked behind us. It was a leg. The person got up and ran toward us. He tried to bite Carl and I stuck an arrow into his head. "You bring one of those with you to school?" Carl asked. I nodded. "There is always one more needed at archery." I said. He nodded. I went faster and saw more people like that guy. Cops tryed shooting them in the heart but they kept coming. I realized something. "There zombies!" Carl yelled. I nodded. "I think we should call them something else. I know walkers." I replied. Carl smiled. He liked the idea.
Carl and I went into the house and my aunt Laurie Grim was watching the news. I told her what happened while coming home. She got scared and hugged us both tight. "Luckily you are all right. We got to go. Shane is taking us to Atlanta." She said. Carl looked at her. "What about dad?" He asked. I felt my stomach twist. My uncle Rick had gotten shot in the ribs and was in a coma. "He died." She replied. I couldn't believe it he was like a dad to me. Carl was starting to cry. I hugged him then went into my room. I needed to get some clothes and my jacket it was going to be cold outside. I went into the shed and got our guns and ammo. "Let's go." I said. Then Shane got us into a car. I sat in the back with Carl. This was going to be a living nightmare.
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