Back For You

Sequel to Taken. When Katherine Cole comes back to her former boyfriend in California she faces severe changes. Ryan has lost every memory of her and no is longer acting like he was when he dated her. He is back to his old old self. This Ryan is not a goody smart guy, instead he's complete opposite. While Katherine is trying to fix things there, Zayn is trying to get back at Katherine. Zayn deep down wants to go back to Katherine, but is hurt at the way she left him and wants her to realize her mistake for leaving him. What's going to happen with Zayn and Katherine now that they have gone their separate ways?


1. Different

Katherine's P.O.V.

“Who are you?” Ryan asked me with in a confused tone. I was scared to say anything to him. My heart pounded and I was in shock. Just the thought of him alive and sort of fine was enough for me. He moved his arm, “Ouch”.
 He took his eyes off me and examined the small hospital room for a few seconds.

“Ryan.”  I breathed out. I quickly went to him and wrapped both my arms around him. I had forgotten that he was damaged and he winced in pain as I squeezed onto him. “You’re alive!” I spoke relieved.

“Who are you?” Ryan repeated. This time I actually heard what he said. I was surprised to hear this and thought it was a joke at first.

I pulled away from him and smiled, “What do you mean? It’s me.”

Ryan was stared at me, trying to remember. He squinted a little and then shook his head, “Look I do not know who you are.” He said it a little roughly.

“Ryan it’s me, Katherine. You know, your-“ I stopped myself. I was to say girlfriend, but I remembered we had broken up.

“Your what?” Ryan asked impatiently.

“Uh…friend. Please don’t joke around with me Ryan.” I said.

“Look girl-Katelyn- whatever, I’m not joking. I don’t know who you are. Since you know who I am, how about you tell me why I’m here and what happened to me?” Ryan asked rudely. He called me Katelyn? Ryan doesn’t remember me. The accident must have caused the memory loss. How much has he lost?

I was beginning to panic. I was happy that he’s alive, but now he’s lost his memory. He’s lost every moment him and I had. I guess that’s a good thing after what happened a couple weeks ago.

He doesn’t look at me like before. Instead he’s looking at me like I am a stranger; I am in his eyes.

“What’s taking so-“ Lily opened the door and walked in. She cut herself off when she saw Ryan awake. Lily looked at me and then back at Ryan.

“Lily!” Ryan cracked out happily. His expression totally changed when saw her. I saw a spark in his eye as Lily went past me and hugged him. She didn’t hug him as hard as I did so he wasn’t in pain. I stood there watching and couldn’t help but feel jealous of how he was more excited to see her.

“You’re okay!” Lily exclaimed smiling.

“Yeah I guess I am. What happened?” Ryan asked. He asked her this more politely than when he talked to me.

“So he remembers you?” I asked noticing my jealousy pop out. I caught both of their attentions and they turned their heads to me.

“What do you mean Kat?” Lily asked furrowing her eyebrows.

“Look this chick came walking in, kissing me on the lips, and I wake up. I don’t even know who this girl is.” Ryan answered for me carelessly. He put his hands behind his head and continued to look over at Lily. The way he spoke and calling me “chick” irritated me. He was acting completely different from his old self.

“Ryan are you sure you don’t remember her?” Lily asked making sure. Ryan nodded in response and now was trying to take out his IV.

Lily grabbed his hands and stopped him from unwiring his equipment. Ryan groaned and stopped fidgeting around. “Lemme get out from here.” Ryan demanded.

“Not now Ryan. We need to talk to the doctor about your amnesia. Stay here while I go get the doctor.” Lily got off the bed and left the room. I noticed Ryan’s eyes roaming Lily’s bum and I was getting even more pissed. He’s acting like such a douche.

I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall. Ryan sighed and looked at the ceiling and then to me. “So Katyln-“

“Katherine.” I corrected.

“Whatever, how do you and I know each other?” He asked. His made it seem he was forced to chat with me.

I rolled my eyes and walked right out of the room. I didn’t want to talk to him. He wasn’t being himself and I didn’t like that. I just wanted to get away from him so I could figure out what I was going to do.

 So I rode the lift down to the first floor and entered the empty cafeteria. I proceeded to vending machine and grabbed a couple quarters of my pocket and inserted into the machine.

I pressed the buttons on the machine and nothing happened. The water didn’t come flying down. I gave a soft kick and nothing happened.

Then the thoughts of Ryan not knowing who I was flooded my thoughts. I was fretfully hitting and banging on the vending machine now. I continued to hit it just expressing my frustration. I came back for him and now he’s treating me like this? 

My hands and arms were beginning to turn red and I stopped my arms. I turned around and slid down against the vending machine. I hands were stuffed in my face. What is wrong with me? I asked myself.

“Ma’am you okay?” I heard a male southern voice ask above me. I uncovered my face and a boy around his twenties was looking down at me. I shook my head. He held out his hand and he pulled me up.

“What happened?” The man asked. He was very handsome. The man worked here. He had a name tag; his name was Marc. He was wearing a nursing uniform for work. He held a clipboard in his left hand and had a messenger on his waist.

“Erm the vending machine wasn’t working.” I said quietly.

“And you decided to hit the poor machine?” He asked amused.

I shifted my hands in my pocket a little. I was thinking I was going to get in trouble right now. “Sorry about that. I’m just…not feeling well.  

“Why are your eyes so watery?” Marc continued to ask me questions.

“It’s allergies...” I made up. I began to think that I sounded really dumb.

“Well the way you were hitting that poor machine seemed like you were angry. I’m on lunch break want to talk?” He asked.

“No thanks.” I mumbled.

“I can buy you a coffee. You seem pretty stressed out. C’mon.” Marc continued to offer.

I questioned whether I wanted to go back up to where Ryan was, or whether to stay here and talk with a stranger. I could talk to someone whom I didn’t know and doesn’t know any of my issues. I chose to stay so I could avoid Ryan and Lily for a bit.

We took a seat in the cafeteria and began talking. He bought me a coffee and that helped me even though I’m more of a tea person. I told him that I was just experiencing some relationship problems. I left out the Zayn’s name so he wouldn't know that I had been dating a celebrity.

I didn’t tell him too much, but after our little conversation I was beginning to feel better. I had finally got to talk to someone and tell them how a little on how I felt.

I was beginning to feel curious on why he even took his time to talk to a freakish girl who was trying to destroy the vending machine. “Why did you want me to talk to you? Look if this is some sort of way to ask me out or something…” I said that thinking he was only comforting I so he could ask me out.

He raised his eyebrows surprised at what I said and then chuckled, “Oh no sweety, I’m not into women.”

I felt real stupid and found my into another awkward situation. I grabbed my cup of coffee and took a sip keeping myself from making any other comments. Luckily his messenger went beeped and he read what it said. He quickly snapped it back onto his pocket and got up.

I got up also, “What’s wrong?”

Marc was beginning to throw his things into the trash bin. He took my things also, “We have a patient who has left his room without permission.”

“Who is it?” I asked with a funny feeling.

“No name but his room number is four oh six.”

Great that’s Ryan’s room number. Looks like I’m going to have to chase him down.

“I’ll come with you. That’s the guy I was telling you about.” I followed him in search of the free Ryan.

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