Lost in a Cruel World

When Aimee Joy goes through a horrible expirence with her ex-boyfriend, Mason, and nearly dies she figures out that the love her life, Niall Horan comes in makes everything all better. Aimee always loved One Direction but when Niall doesn't keep his promise she runs away and finds Liam who loves her for who she is.


2. Meeting the Unexpected

I smile at Mason and whisper to him “What do we do now?” We walk to the car and we sit in the car for a second, I can tell he was thinking. He smiled at me and started driving somewhere.  We get to this house. It had fourth of July decorations. I wait in the car for a second and Mason comes around and opens the door for me. I smile and say “I can open it myself, you know?” He blushed and grabbed my hand and our fingers intertwined. He knocked on the door to see a tall guy with brown hair and blue eyes and a girl with blonde hair and gray eyes. Mason hugged them saying “This is my parents.” I smiled at shook their hands. I have never met them and the day I do I look a mess. I got nervous. I asked to speak to Mason in private. “You should have told me I was meeting your parents, I would have dressed better and put make up on and did my hair!” I quietly yelled at him. He looked at me and smiled and said “ Babe, don’t get mad at me, I just know my parents don’t like when girls try hard for them to like them so I made sure you didn’t try your hardest. They like me to like girls who don’t care what they wear and still feel beautiful. And guess what? They will know I like you for you and nothing less. “I smiled and walked back to the family room. We all started talking and his dad looked at me a few times like he was worried. I looked at Mason with a worried look on my face and he smiled. “Darling, what’s your name?” he said sternly. “Aimee Joy.” I quietly whispered. He smiled and said “What a beautiful name, I knew a girl all my life who wanted to name her middle child, which she wanted to be a girl, Aimee Joy and you look just like her.” I looked at him and then at Mason and then at his mother. I smiled and replied “And who would that be?” He looked at his wife. “You look like my wife Allison and I best friend as a child, Shannon.” I looked at him and I smiled. “Oh of course, she is my mother.” I saw him frown and leave the room. I got worried. Then Allison looked at me and said “Oh, tell your mother her old friend Allison said hello and tell her to remember Ramen Noodles, she will laugh so hard.” I smile and agree. Mason walks upstairs to his father. I feel awkward alone with Mrs.Bellinger. I don’t know why she is still Mrs.Bellinger if she got married, I thought to myself. After a few minutes, I hear Mason slam a door and stomp down the stairs, “Let’s go babe.” He says. I got up and grabbed myself and said bye to Mrs.Bellinger. I walked out and asked him “What’s wrong babe?” He didn’t answer me. We got in the car. He looks down and quietly says “My dad was in love with your mom and then our mom liked your dad and he could have her and he was jealous, and now he doesn’t approve of us because he knows I really like you and he doesn’t want us getting really serious because he doesn’t know if he could deal with the stress of him not being with your mom if we got married.” I look at him and he was sad. I could feel his pain. I knew how he felt. The pain of losing me, the pain I have of losing him. “I am so sorry I shouldn’t of brought you here.” I look at him again. “Babe, what if were one of those couples that don’t care what other people think of us, I know he is your father, but he is going to have to get over it because we love each other and I love you so much that I never want to let you go. What if this is supposed to happen to make us stronger as a couple?” He turns on the car and one direction came on and it was Back For You. He drives me home. He walks me to my door, I look at the sky. The sun is rising. We sit on the steps. “Wow, we have been up all night.” He smiles at me but I can see his pain underneath. We walk thru the garden and up the steps. I don’t want this to end but I know it has too. We reach the door. We hug and he whispers in my ear “I love you, goodnight beautiful.” I look at him and his blue eyes look into my soul. I can’t help but thinking about kissing his pink chapped lips. I close my eyes and I feel his lips crash against mine. 

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