Completely Unexpected *ON HOLD*

Raine has it hard, until a drastic event changes her life completely.


4. Chapter 4

I was really happy that Paul adopted me. I was glad to have a new start, especially in London. Anyways, knowing we're having guests in 20 minutes I dug threw my bag, pulling out my faded skinnies, a yellow tanktop and a grey/black varsity jacket. I stepped into the shower and washed everything necessary. About 10 minutes later I got out, wrapping my hair up in a towel. I got dressed, and pulled on my black and yellow Nike Blazers. I then blow dried myh hair, letting it flow down my back in its natural waves. I applied minimum make-up, and headed downstairs. Paul was in the kitchen, preparing an abundance of food. How many guests are we having?

  "You dress exactly like Zayn.." I heard Paul.. I mean dad, say. "Who?" I questioned. He laughed, "You'll meet him in a bit." I shrugged. "Can i watch tv?" "Yeah." I walked into the living room and flipped to a random channel. I was completely zoned out and texting Keely to even notice there were 6 people staring at me. "Oh, uh.. hi." I say shyly, locking my phone. "Raine, this is Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn." they all waved. I stand up and walk torwards the one who he said was Zayn. "You think I dress like him? Pfft, please. I have much more swag than he ever could." I earned a laugh from everyone else, as Zayn just sat their, pouting. Eventually he began laughing, too.

  "So, Rainy-Wainy, Tell us about yourself." Louis said. Rainy-Wainy? "Uhm, Okay. I'm 18, I was born on November 19, 1993. My favorite color is Yellow. I like to dance, sing, and I can draw. What else.. any questions?" "FAVORITE FOOD?!" Niall literally screams. I give the face like im completely distraught. "I can't decide. I love them all. Except olives.. I'm allergic." He nods satisfied. "Favorite movie?" Liam asks. "I'd have to say Toy Story Trilogy. I love disney movies." The night went on like that for a while. Niall and I kept sneaking glances at eachother the whole night. At one point he went to the bathroom, and when he came back he mouthed for me to go. So I did, and written on the mirror was his phone number. I quickly took a picture and saved it into my phone. Then I had to wash the mirror. I walked back out, and he winked at me. I smiled, and then they had to leave. I gave them each a hug and went upstairs. I changed into sweats and a tanktop, and got comfortable. I laid there all night, thinking about his perfect blue eyes and his perfect smile.








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