Zayn Malik. You know who he is, right? Of course you do. So does Kristina, but everyone calls her Is for short, because she just, is, ya know? If she could describe Zayn in one word, it would be sexy. If Zayn could describe Is in one word, it would be sexy, too. But, to Is, freak, mutant and/or, well, superhuman, would be more like it.


10. Calling Bea

   Is's POV

   I ran out in the parking lot just in time to see Malik, Idiot 2, and the other guy pull away. I thought for sure I was gonna pull my hair out in frustration. Then I got an idea, and did what any sensible huma- erm, mutant freak, would do. With a running start, I snapped out my wings, my coat folded messily in my arms, as I pushed air up and down around me, allowing my light-self to be lifted off the ground. I didn't care who saw me- people did see me though. I heard the usual collection of gasps and saw pointing, as I took off. That's when I invisi-fies myself again, and shot through the sky at 60 mph (Super Speed!!).

   Zayn's POV 

   I heavily plopped down on the matress of my hotel room. Liam, Harry, and Louis all arrived at the hotel about 20 minutes ago, and everyone was getting settled into their own rooms. I stared at the little piece of torn paper in my hand. I stared at it so hard, I thought I was gonna burn a hole in it. I picked up my phone, for the fourth time in like five minutes, then decided against it again. Again.  I had no idea what was keeping me from punching in those 10 digits, including area code. I groaned loudly and flopped backward, facing the ceiling. "Screw this," I mumbled and dialed Bea's number.

   "Hello?" said a girl's voice. Bea.

   "Um, hey. It's uh, it's Zayn. I just, um, hi." I madly racked my brain for an intelligent sentance. A girl has never done this to me before.

   A slight pause on the other end, and I bit my upper lip, nervous. "Oh!" followed by a cute giggle, made me phisically and mentally relax. 

   I smiled. "So, now you have my number," Finally, a real sentance.

   Bea laughed. "Ok, Malik, gotta go, but I'll text you later, kay?" I winced- that was what I heard Kristina calling after me.

   I nodded, pushing away the feeling that made me feel sick, like I did something wrong. Then, realizing Bea couldn't see me, I said, "I just nodded, by the way."

   She laughed like it was the funniest thing on earth. We shared a few more words, then she was gone. I put my phone down, not able to lable the emotion that was churning inside me.

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