Why Not???

Sam and I were best friends. Sam was the best guy friend I had, had in a long time. That was about to change. Except, all of the family drama... My dads abuse.. Him getting away from the cops... The thing happening to Sam. It was to much. And I was to scared to endure it..... Ps.. It doesn't get great until like chapter 7 or 8 so please keep reading until then or skip.. So you can truly judge the good parts of this book! Ty


1. Invitations?

My P.ov

               Summer had just began. I was really looking foward to hanging out with my friends and having no homework all summer. I was thinking about having a party because I was ready to start a great summer. I was also thinking about who I should talk to first about the party. I decided to call my best friend Jessica. I got my phone out of my pocket and put in my code to unlock it. I dialed Jessica's number.

               "Hello." Jessica said.

               "Hey! Are you busy tonight?"

               "No, Why?"

               "I was thinking about having a party." I said. "My parents won't be home until tomorrow."

               "That sound cool. Who are you going to invite?"

               "Our friends! Duh! But only like fifteen people that wont make a big mess."

               "Sounds...... Ok......."

               "Don't worry. I'm going to hire a DJ!"


               "I'll start inviting people."

               "What time should I show up? I could help you get the snacks and stuff ready."

              "If you wanna help get snacks ready be here at four, plus i want to spend time with you before it starts. If you come at four, we can go to the mall and pick out some new dresses. My parents left an emergency credit card. If you don't want to do any of that, come over at nine. That's when the party is going to start."

             "I'll be at your house at four. Could you drive? My parents haven't bought me a car yet."

             "Ya! See you at four."

             After I hung up with Jessica it was twelve o'clock. I started inviting people. Good thing for me because I had a bunch of friends, but i'm an only child. I invited Sam and a bunch of other people. Most everyone said they could make it tonight. Only a few people said that they couldn't make it. I went to the living room and move some of the furniture so we would have room to dance and have fun. I was moving the furniture to my room. Since I was an only child I got a very big room. The garage was cleared out too, so we could hang out in there as well. I got out fold up chairs and tables and put them in the garage and living room.

            It was four o'clock by the time I got ready. Jess came over and we went to the mall to buy cute dresses.

            "Should I get this one?" Jess asked while holding up a purple, tight, and short dress.

            "Oh my gosh!! That is so cute! I'll try on this one and you try that one on." I exclaimed.

            The dress that I got was blue, tight, and short. My mom would probably kill me if she knew I was wearing this in publiic because it was so short and she didn't like how they show so much of my legs. After the mall, we went to the store and bought some snacks that we knew our friends would like. We got small finger food, soda, cookies, and so much more.

           "Did you hire a DJ yet?" Jess asked.

           "Ya. He'll be at my house thirty minutes before the artty to get his equitment set up.

           "O, ok. What time is it? Look on your phone."

           I pulled out my phone to see.

           "It's about eight. Wanna head back to my house and get everything ready?"

           "Ya, let's go."

           We went to my house and got the snacks and stuff together. The Dj got there when we finished putting the snacks on the tables. The DJ got his equiptment up and we were all set for the party with only five minutes to spare.




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