Love is meant to make you happy right? Well not this love. Who knew that something so Wrong. Felt so Right?


1. Prologue.


His eyes. His beautifully painted green eyes blended with a light blue met mine.

His soft touched pink lips curving into a small smile, slightly revealing his white teeth.

His dimples stood tall on either side of his perfect smile as if they were guarding his happiness.

His hair. Curls and wavy strands of delight covered his head, as his tongue ran along his pink lips.

His face drew closer to mine as I froze unable to stop him.

I shifted my eyes quickly from his eyes to his mouth, where his tongue ran along his lips.

I looked back into his eyes, not wanting to look away.

His long but not lanky fingers, gently tucked a long strand of my hair behind my twice pierced ear.

I began to feel myself inch closer to him, either through I knew I shouldn't.

His warm breathe, hit against my lips as he became closer than before.

"Charlotte, Are you home?"

The voice of my best-friend rang in my ears.

His fingers left my hair and his eyes became full of shock and panic.

I pulled away from him, pulling myself out of the situation and back into my own little world.

I stayed crossed-legged and turned my whole body away from him, and towards the door as it opened.

"Oh, Harry. I didn't know you were here"

Her face was painted with an confused expression and her eyes travelled from me to him.

I Felt lonely as his got off the bed and walked over to her.

"I got here a couple of minutes ago. Charlotte said it was alright if I waited. Plus I've missed you"

I watched carefully as he placed a warm kiss on her lips. Her lips curved into a smile as her eyes slowly shut.

Their lips slowly peeled off one another before she took his hand.

"I brought a new dress, for your party"

She pulled him gently, hinting for him to follow her to her room.

I heard her bedroom door closed, locking him in there and me out here.

"I forgot my phone, one second"

I heard the bedroom door, that had once been close, open.

He walked into my room, without stopping he pushed me back on my bed.

His lips eagerly found mine, and his hands intertwined with mine.

After our lips parted and the guilt quickly settled in.

He stood up and casually walked out of my room, with his phone in his back pocket.

I pulled my self up, as the guilt tried to pull my down.

Who knew that something so wrong, could feel so right.




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