perfect Chemistry

not based on the film. but i hope you enjoy XD


1. Perfect Chemistry chapter 1 (Hope you enjoy!!)


    Indiana's P.O.V.   2.27. Three more minutes and I'm out of this hell-hole. Then, to the bus, then finally, home. I hate Chemistry. Two more minutes. 
"Don't pack up quite yet." Ms. McPoppins sternly said. I was sitting on my stool, tapping my pencil to a nice beat against the edge of the black table shared between myself, and my partner, Harry. One more  minute. One more minute and I can go. One more minute and I can go, and leave to my warm house, and comfortable bed. Aside from the horrid bus ride that is to come, what with the annoying 1st years, all the way to my house, I am excited obviously. My house. The last stop aside from Harry who lives two houses from mine. I have to admit, he's actually pretty cute, but he's a jerk. He used to be nice until he.... Finally!! The bell!! I can finally leave. I grab my books, and walk out the door along with 29 more students. "Remember! Read chapter 32 tonight for homework! The exam is tomorrow!" Ms. McPoppins yelled. What a stupid name that old lady has. She's always so bitter. Maybe that's why. I walk down the corridor, then up a flight of stairs. I walk to my locker and grab my bag. I throw my chemistry book inside, and my reading book, 'The Lucky One'. I've read that book four times, this being my fifth. I love it so much! Then I throw my stupid English book, 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. I hate that book. I think it's so boring. I like adventure and fiction, and 'teen books' I suppose. I throw the bag over my shoulder, and walk back down the stairs. I pull my mobile out of my pocket and switch it on. I pull my headphones out and try to untangle them as I walk down the stairs, and to the doors. I then go out into the cold atmosphere that is winter in the UK. I pull my arms cross each other, rubbing the cold skin of my upper arm with the opposite hand. I get onto the warm bus, and choose the seat with the heater. There are only a few kids on, including me. I got my headphones untangled and pushed the jack into the opening of my iPhone. I open up my music, and click on Watcha Say by Jason Derulo. I sit and look out the window. It's 2.34, and the bus leaves the school at 2.45. I sit in the seat, and halfway through the song, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn my head to see who it is, and pull out my right ear bud eagerly. 
"Yeah?" I shakily spoke.
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