He Came Back For Me

Lydia a 19 year old girl from London was all alone one Valentine's Day. Then, the love of her life from her school, Louis Tomlinson came into her life."He was my everything, he made the sun come out on rainy days, when I was cold he held my hand and warmth filled my body. He made me feel special, like the only girl in the world." They spent their last year of school together before Louis became famous. They tried to stay together, no matter how daunting it seemed, but people change, and life must go on. Now almost a year on, Valentine's Day comes around again. But what will happen when Louis comes back for Lydia?


1. 1SHOT41D Short Story


He’s not here. We were never here. He doesn’t even know me? What’s wrong with me? Those were the thoughts in my head of Valentines last. But then, a boy, Louis Tomlinson came into my life. He was my everything, he made the sun come out on rainy days, when I was cold he held my hand and warmth filled my body. He made me feel special, like the only girl in the world. We spent the last year together, graduated together, and even went our separate ways together.

Life goes on, things change and most of all, people change. Louis went on to become famous, part of a group called One Direction. He had promised to call me on Mondays, to e-mail on Tuesdays, to Skype on Wednesdays, to Face time on Thursdays, to text on Fridays, to tweet on Saturdays, to Instagram on Sundays, and to love me always. But as usual, people move on with their lives, even if they didn’t plan on doing so, they still do. That’s why I had to move on with mine, to continue life as if Louis Tomlinson meant nothing to me.

I now live in London; I go to college here, studying journalism and politics. I have friends, boyfriends even, I go out partying and I socialize. I have a great life now, but even every now and then I remember the man I once loved.

My life turned upside-down one Saturday morning in February. I went about my usual Saturday morning routine, completely oblivious to the fact that today was a very special day. Valentine’s Day. The day I met Louis, now a whole entire year ago. I walked into the kitchen in my pajamas, turned the television on and started to make breakfast. I turned the channel over to ITV2 to see if there was anything interesting on, Only One Direction. “The famous British Boy-Band Sensation One Direction Have Landed Back in London for a Valentine’s Day Weekend Break”. Then it hit me. Today was “that day”. I ran into my bedroom, leaving the eggs frying on the pan and took out an old shoebox filled with pictures and letters from my wardrobe. When Louis and I had our long distance relationship, he’d always send me letters, telling me about the places he had travelled, the concerts he’d performed and most of all, how much he had missed me. The letters stopped coming around the same time he had stopped phoning me, texting me, skyping me, and posting pictures on Instagram. I took out the last letter I had ever received from him. A tear left my eye and dropped on the letter as I read it. “To my dear Lydia, You will never believe where we performed last night. Madison Square Garden. I was thinking of you the whole entire time, wishing you could have seen it, seen me, from the front row. I wanted to pick you up and bring you onto the stage to sing with me. Did you get the picture I posted on Instagram? It’s of you and me when we first met, under the oak tree in that small park near Trafalgar Square. It was Valentine’s Day! Do you remember? Well, I hope you do because next year for Valentine’s Day, no matter where in the world I am, I want you to go there and engrave our names in that tree. As a token of my love for you. Will you do that for me? And as soon as I get back to England, we’ll go there together. Just you and I. I love you so much, with all my heart and soul. Yours truly, Louis.”

Now I remembered everything. Today was the day, he wanted me to go and engrave our names in that tree, the oak tree where we had first met last year on Valentine’s Day, when I was all alone and lost. He found me. Maybe Louis didn’t forget. Why else would One Direction be stopping their world tour and be taking a break, in London? Maybe Louis still loved me. Maybe he never forgot, about what we had. I was shaking and I didn’t know what to do. I huddled up in a corner of my room and began to cry. I let all the tears I hadn’t let go, go. I still loved Louis, thinking about him made my heart ignite, feel warm, feel fulfilled. My phone began to buzz. It was a text from my best friend Emily. “Hey Lids!! Hap Valentine’s Day!! U spendin it wiv some1?”. I didn’t know what I was going to do; I had to get out, out of the house. But before I did, I sent Emily a text back “Hey Em. Nope, not doing anything today, just going out for a walk right now, will call later, Lydia.” I needed some fresh air, to get my head around things. I washed my face and put on some clothes, then turned off the frying pan with the eggs that were literally burnt.

I walked down the street, thinking about everything. Louis knew where I lived, so I had to get out. I didn’t want to see him, well not yet. I walked for about 10 minutes when I came to a small park. I was too shaken up to remember that this was “the” park, where I had met Louis. I found a big tree and sat down underneath it, in the nice cool shade. It was still sort of winter, Februarys in England were still cold. But today seemed really warm, so warm I needed to get out of it. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I could hear the cool breeze through the leaves, the sound of small children playing, then suddenly the sound of nothing. I had fallen asleep. I woke up suddenly to the sound of my phone buzzing. It was from Emily. “Hey Lyds, Just went to your apartment and no one answered? Is everything alright? Oh, and you have a huge bouquet of flowers at your door from a Louis Tommo? Ems”. Everything made sense now, Louis came back, back to London for me. I stared at my phone in disbelief. Louis Tomlinson stilled loved me. Maybe he never stopped loving me.

“Lydia?” I heard a voice say. I scrambled onto my feet. Right there in front of me, was him, Louis. He looked so beautiful with the sunset (oh my god, sunset? Was I asleep that long?) behind him. “Louis?” I said half scared half surprised. “Oh my god, Lydia it’s really you? You remembered?” Louis said excitedly coming closer towards me. “I’ve missed you so much”. I began to cry, tears of happiness. Suddenly Louis picked me up, spun me around and landed right on his lips. His kiss, was so amazing, it felt so right. I felt warm and happy and fulfilled again. The man that was my everything, that made the sun come out on rainy days, when I was cold he held my hand and warmth filled my body. He made me feel special, like the only girl in the world had come back.

“I never stopped loving you, Lydia Kelly” he whispered to me as our foreheads touched. “I never stopped loving you either, Louis Tomlinson”. We engraved our names into the oak tree “Louis loves Lydia 2013”.

Louis and I have been together ever since.

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