"What the hell Sidney!" He yelled. "Why the fuck did you go home with him! And why are your clothes and hair disheveled! What'd you do with him!" I didn't reply I just looked down at me feet unable to look at him in this state. Next thing I know I'm pushed up against a wall with Harry holding my two wrists above my head with one of his hands. This position seems to be very common between Harry and I. I still refused to look him in the eyes as Harry went on "You're mine! Okay?You do as I say. When I ask you a question you answer. Understand?" I quickly nodded yes.


1. Chapter 1.

Sidney's P.O.V

"Ahhh" I winned in pain as the knife I was holding pressed down even harder revealing blood coming from my wrist. 

"Sidney, What's going on in there?" My twin Brother Jake yelled from the outside of her room while knocking. 

"Nothing! Just GO!" I yelled at him while letting a tear escape. There was no response so I figured he left. I found a wash cloth and picked it up, whipping the blood off the knife and holding it to my wrist to keep it from bleeding heavily.

Lets start from the beginning  I'm Sidney Marie Matthews I have a brother named Jake Landon Matthews and my Father is James Dough Matthews. My mum left my Dad, Brother and I when I was 1 year young she couldn't deal with what she had to give up for a Family. My Father is a drunk and is never home to notice anything that goes on. Jake had to grow up very fast for the both of us. We are both 15. I get bullied at School by people a lot I only have one true friend named Cameron and he is considered 'popular' so we don't talk much at school to protect his 'reputation'. The reason I'm cutting is because; for me it's a stress reliever and My life is all stress. I'm am not considered fat but not skinny either. I have brown eyes and brown naturally straight hair. My Brother may be my twin but is nothing like me! He has green eyes and freckles, We have the same hair color (Brown) but even he doesn't get bullied! He is actually very known at the school. Many people don't know we are Brother and Sister let alone twins!  Apparently he is a 'ladies man' as he likes to say but I don't ever doubt it he does come home with girls a lot while I'm locked in my room. My brother doesn't know I have cut myself ever he has told me a couple times he think that people like that are Attention seekers and need help, So I don't dare tell him. Nobody knows actually and I'd like to keep it that way.

"Sidney What are you doing?!" I heard Jake yell again 

"Nothing just go away" I screamed 

Next thing I knew the door was slammed open. Jake looked in the corner of were I was sitting and his mouth fell wide open. I looked at him then down at the cloth I was holding to my wrist. I looked back at him and into his eyes, they were dark not his usual bright green color, They were filled with disgust and sorrow. I couldn't find my words.

"Jake, I-I, Just don't hate me please" finally managed to escape from my mouth.

I looked at him and he had a different look on his face, he now had guilt and sadness in his gaze.

Jakes P.O.V   

I couldn't help but sob, this is my fault I'm her brother and I don't look out for her! Tears started to fall one after another down my face. I sat down next to her and wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer to me and kissing the top of her head. 

"Why didn't you tell me?" I finally asked

"I thought you'd hate me" 

"I would Never hate you" I nearly screamed 

We sat in this position for what seemed like an eternity. Tears streaming down our faces.

"What makes you do this? Or who? tell me so I can help" managed to escape from my lips 

"Everything! You know how I get treated at school, Dad's never around! It's only you and me and half the time you're at some party or you're throwing one!" She yelled

She was right people do treat her horrible at school. I used to try and defend her but most the time I'd end up in a fight over it! Sidney told me to stop defending her or else I will be expelled from school. I am always gone or not paying attention to her lately, hearing this from her made my heart stop! 

"I'm sorry" I told her 

She didn't reply So I asked her "What about Cameron?" 

She started to cry even harder. 

"He ignores me at school! I have no one at that place! He doesn't want to ruin his reputation" 

My fists clenched together hearing this, He's supposed to be her best friend what kind of friend does that?  

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