Everything About You

Five best friends; Alexis, Chelsea, Addison, Elizabeth and Rebecca have just graduated from high school and are finally free from it all, until the fall when they head off to college.

The girls decide to do something big before they head off for college in the fall; an adventure with plenty of hot guys to gawk at, hopefully. Thanks to Addison’s father, the five best friends are off to the Bahamas for a summer they are never going to forget.

What will happen when the five girls run in to five gorgeous boys of the biggest boy band in the world?

Romance(s) will spark, hearts will be broken, lies will be told, and many secrets will be discovered.


3. Welcome to Atlantis!

I was staring out the window of the plane since I took the seat by the window. As I look out the window, the outline of the palm trees come in to better view as the plane circles the air, ready to land. Chelsea and Alexis were seated beside me both awake staring at each of their phones. Rebecca and Elizabeth were sitting in the row in front of where we were seated on the plane. It was exciting since we were almost to the Bahamas.

“We’re almost here! I can’t believe it!” Alexis exclaims and lets out a squeal of excitement.

“I know!” I exclaim in excitement as I look back at her, my eyes wide.

The loud booming voice of a man comes over the loud speaker, most likely the pilot, saying for all of the passengers to fasten their seat belts to prepare for a safe landing in to Nassau airport. We all comply and fasten our seatbelts as the plane circles the air a few times while it prepares to land. The plane ride and landing went surprisingly well.

This isn’t the first plane I’ve been on; I’ve actually been on quite a few since my father owns hotel chains all over the United States in quite a few states from California all the way to Florida, even. After a few minutes, we finally get the clear that we can all move off the plane with our belongings through the passenger gate in to the airport.

Chelsea, Alexis and I all stand up and grab our bags from the above compartment along with all of the other passengers on the plane. I grab my laptop bag and put it safely back in the bag to hold my Mac laptop. After I put my laptop bag on my right shoulder, I put my backpack on my other shoulder along with the strap of my purse.

It takes us a good fifteen-twenty minutes to get off the plane. Surprisingly, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would, considering there were so many other people on the plane; families who were coming here to vacation just like my friends and I were.

Before we know it, we finally make our way off the plane. Now comes the fun part: getting through customs. It was going to be a while. I was glad we didn’t lose each other as we got off the plane. Chelsea, Alexis and I followed close behind Elizabeth and Rebecca to where we have to go through customs. Good thing we all made sure we had our passports before we left or we would be screwed if we didn’t have it with us. If that happened, that meant no Bahamas and we’d have to get tickets and fly all the way back home to California.

It took quite a while to get through customs since there were so many people here as well. About an hour and a half later, we were finally through customs with our carry-on’s we brought on the plane. Now, we could finally get our bags from baggage claim and head to the resort.

The five of us link our arms with each other as we follow signs toward the baggage claim where we could grab our luggage. Just as we arrive at baggage claim, the red light goes off which signals the bags would start to come down the conveyer belt. It takes us about close to twenty minutes to get each of our bags. We drag our rolling suitcases outside while we wait for a cab to take us to the resort we were staying at. I am so glad my father got us these tickets.

“I can’t believe we’re actually here!” Rebecca says with a wide smile as she pulls her sunglasses out of her Dooney & Burke purse and slides them over her eyes.

“Oh my God, I know! This weather is perfect for tanning,” I say as a cab pulls up. An older man who looked in his mid to late forties gets out.

“Where you all off to?” he asks as he comes around and takes each of our bags and puts them in the trunk of the cab.

“Atlantis resort, please,” we tell the man together in unison.

He gives us a simple nod in response before we all pile in and he drives us over to the resort where we are staying at for the summer. I couldn’t wait until we unpacked our things so we can go explore and have a little fun since we are finally here.

We pull up to the resort about a good twenty minutes later. Each of us had our eyes glued to the window as we pass by so many bright-colored objects. This weather wasn’t too hot or too cold – it was perfect, just how I liked it. The girls and I pile out of the car and head in the front lobby of the hotel. It was huge; my eyes grew wide at the sight of it.

“Welcome to Atlantis, ladies,” a bellhop says as he opens the door for us.

“Thank you,” we tell the boy who looked about my sister’s age or maybe a year or two older than her. We go get our room keys and begin to head for the elevators to take us up to the floor our rooms were on. It didn’t take very long for us to get our keys and to check in the hotel.

“After unpacking, we should go do something, maybe go to the beach for a bit. What do you say, girls?” Chelsea says as she looks at each of us as we made our way to the elevator.

“We shall!” the four of us state in unison as we pile in to the elevator to take ourselves up to the rooms we were staying in.

This was going to be fun, I’m excited. I have a strong feeling that this summer was going to be great with these girls by my side, whom I am very proud to call my best friends. About three or four minutes later, we finally arrive at our floor. The ding went off signaling we were on our floor; 4th floor rooms 132-135. It takes each of us an hour or so to unpack our things and get them situated in our rooms. Now, it was time to go exploring and find awesome things to do around here since we have finally arrived at our vacation spot for the summer.

I slowly open my eyes and stretch my arms a bit. I glance to my right to see Liam asleep with his head against the window and Harry on my left, asleep with his arms crossed over his chest with his head leaning back against the seat with his mouth wide open. Louis and Zayn were seated in the seats in front of where Harry, Liam and I were.

I glance out the window to see a ton of palm trees swaying in the breeze. We were almost there. Have to admit, I am really excited, just like the lads. It was going to be great, I knew it was. I had to agree with what Harry said when we left for the airport – I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the beautiful girls since we’ll be here all summer. Something is surely bound to happen since we will be staying at Atlantis resort the whole time we’re here.

Right now, I wanted nothing more than to find something to eat and hopefully find a beautiful girl. I know we’ve come to the right place since we all want to find girls to call our own. A loud voice brings me out of my thoughts.

“Passengers, this is your captain speaking. Please prepare for landing by securing your safety belts. Hope you all had a safe flight. We should be landing at Nassau soon.” the booming voice clicked off the intercom. It sounded kind of like Paul, in a way.

I nudge Liam in the arm to let him know we were about to land. He stirs and slowly opens his eyes and complies after I tell him, my voice low, above a whisper.

“Harry–we’re here–wake up mate,” I tell the curly-headed boy beside me as I shake him a bit. He lets out a groan before slowly opening his eyes seconds later.

“Huh? W-what?” he mumbles as he looks at me. I point to the flashing button that had the safety belt on it. I put mine on and look up to see everyone else has already put there’s on.

After a few minutes, the plane lands safely and we get the clear that we can grab our belongings and make our way off the plane and in to the airport. We all grab our things we brought with us on the flight before the boys and I make our way off the plane to the long line to get through customs. I have a feeling we will be here for a while before we get our bags and head to the hotel.

“How long is this going to take? I’m hungry,” I state with a groan as we stand in line behind a ton of other people. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look over to see Louis staring at me.

“Be patient, Niall! It won’t be that much longer!” he says with a smile.

I groan and cross my arms over my chest. I hope we get through here soon so we can get to the hotel, because I was really starving since I haven’t eaten since before we left for the airport. It takes almost two hours for the five of us to get through customs.

Now, we were heading to get our bags from the baggage claim, finally. We follow the signs that led us to where we can collect our luggage. Right when we arrive there, the conveyer belt begins to move and the bags begin to come down the conveyer belt so we can retrieve our things. It takes the boys and I a good fifteen to thirty minutes to get our bags before we head out to the front of the airport so we could hail a cab to take us to the resort.

“Wow – this is pretty, I like it here already!” Liam says as we stand on the curb while we wait for a cab to pick us up and drive us to the resort we were staying at.

“This is really nice – perfect weather to be on the beach with beautiful girls everywhere,” Harry says and earns a chuckle from Louis and Zayn. I reach over and give Harry a high-five.

“You got that right, mate,” I tell him as a cab pulls up a few minutes later. A young guy about mine or Harry’s age steps out. He takes our luggage and puts it in the back before looking at us.

“Where you guys headed?” he asked, a mouth full of perfectly straight white teeth, as he spoke.

“Uh, Atlantis resort, mate,” Louis tells the guy.

“Well, hop in and I’ll get you on your way,” he says as he gets in the front seat.

The boys and I all pile in and shut the door before the guy drives off. It takes a good fifteen minutes or so to get to the resort where we were staying at. We all pile out of the cab and stretch after we get our bags from the trunk. After we thank the driver and tip him with the money we exchanged for the currency here.

“Have a good stay,” he tells us before he gets back in his cab and drives off.

“Well, we’re here, mates, let’s go check in,” Louis says as he grabs his rolling suitcases and heads for the entrance. The boys and I follow closely behind him with our rolling suitcases.

“Welcome to Atlantis!” the doorman calls out to us as we walk in the lobby of the hotel.

My mouth drops open as I stare at my surroundings; it was really nice. This summer was going to be great with my mates. Hopefully, a nice beautiful girl will make it even better if I even get the chance to find the girl of my dreams. This is only the beginning and I have a strong feeling this will be one amazing vacation for sure. I’m sure since we’re here; a million different things were bound to happen. Let this adventure begin.

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