he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


1. tickets


          Today is my birthday and I’m having a small hang out party, I guess you could call it. My friends and I are jumping around and acting crazy to One Direction’s album. We are big fans. While we were dancing my mom hollered “presents".
We ran down stairs. I opened my friends Emma and Caley’s presents. I got a lot of One Direction stuff. Half of it was Liam. After getting all my presents together, my mom handed me an envelope.
“What’s this?" I asked
“It’s your birthday present" she said
I opened it and could not believe what I was seeing. They were One Direction tickets and exclusive back stage passes! We jumped around and screamed. That night when I went to bed I kept staring at the tickets. I just couldn’t believe it. I tried to imagine my friends and me at the concert, dancing and singing. I am not a good singer though. All my friends and family, even the adults I know, say I’m good; but I think their just saying that to make me feel better.

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