My Entry For an 500 Words Contest

Ariana Smith is Living Life. Is She? She doesn't know what's reality or imagination these days. She's struggerling to understand the truth to her past or realising her future?


1. Hope

Here goes the best day of my life.

Music was filling my head. I was dazed by the bright lights. My hair followed me as I swished my head side to side, searching for something. Anything. I felt the world move beneath me as I closed my eyes. Everthing was in a blur, two girls ran up to me. They found me. I recognised them, but I didn't know who they were. I didn't know who I was. We danced since the night was still young. Dark clouds consumed the sky. I felt a drop of cold water on the bridge of my nose. Shivers ran through out my body. I stared up at the air above me. Rain droplets covered my face. There was a gasp that ran through the crowd. Then cheering escaped. The music started and bubbles started to fly off the stage. Suddenly, I wasn't moving, then instead of music a Beep, beep, beep clogged up my memory. My head felt woozy. My legs weren't responding to my commands. I fell. I let go. As I closed my eyes I could hear voices.


With a sudden jolt of my shoulders I was back. "Ariana Smith?" Life came into focus. "Are you okay?" A comforting voice asked me. I nodded, my neck felt stiff. "I'll leave you, you need your rest."

"Wait..Don't leave me.."


I felt oxygen reach my lungs as I was dragged out of the bath. The feel of relief filled me. Hope. People do care.  I felt the weight lift off my shoulders. 


My eyelids fluttered open, "Miss Smith?"

"Yes?" My voice was small and croaky as I looked around the room. It was dark, shielding the light. As if it was protecting, covering our eyes from the world.

"Ariana, I'm sorry but we have to start our session." A woman’s voice spoke to me. "Do you understand what happened?


I rember. I was just doing what they said to do. 'Go Kill Myself.' So I tried. I could feel a rush of adrenalin, pumping through my veins. I was shaking as I turned the tap off. It felt I wasn't being held under. I was being let go.


I nod. "I did what I had to do."

You never had to. You could of found someone to talk to. Anyone.

"I was freeing myself."


"From who?" The Woman's voice echoed around me as I searched for the answer.

From who? I asked myself. It was like someone was turning on the light as I realised. I looked to her. She sat, patiently waiting for the answer.

"Myself." I realised

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