what i see when i look into your eyes

they say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, this poem is about what i see when i look into some people's eyes


1. what i see when i look into your eyes


You ask me what I see when I look into your eyes

I say They’re not like my dad’s

When I look at them I see someone wise

And they’re not like my mom’s eyes

Where I see beautiful blue skies

They’re nothing like my little sister’s where I see a lot of hope

Nor like that bullied girl’s eyes where I see a hanging rope

They’re not like that cheating husband’s eyes

Where I see deceiving and a heap of lies

They’re not like the eyes of my best friend

Where I see us hand in hand until the very end

And they’re not like that little boy’s eyes too

Which are so vivid and so blue

This girl too is not like you

For when I look into her eyes I see something true

Just like looking through a drop of dew


So you ask me what I see in your eyes again

I say they’re not like a widow’s full of pain

When she think of him they start to rain

They are not like my brother’s when he tries to act strong

For when I look at once I know something’s wrong


They’re not like a victim’s eyes

Where I see fright and hopeless cries

  and They’re not like that baby’s eyes

Where I see a brand new day and a new sunrise


They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul

Then why when I look at them I see nothing yours at all

But if you look closely at mine

You’ll see a piece of you frozen in time


You ask me again what I see in yours

This time I say, two closed doors

Where the truth about you is hidden from me

Concealed in a place which I can’t see

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