The Man Behind Those Eyes

Marisa has always had feelings for her best friend. When they were sixteen, they could have gone out, but something happened that changed their lives forever...


1. Chapter 1

She always remembered the first day she met him. She was five, her parents took her to the park and there he was. His sister was dragging him onto the tallest slide, much against his will. He had short brown hair and a fringe cut just above his eyes. As she ran towards him, she saw his eyes. Those eyes. Big, bright green eyes that sparkled. Why is it always easier for kids to make friends? She saved him from that intimidating slide that day. They ran around the park all day and had been joined at the hip since then.


It's been ten years since that day and Marisa sat in her room looking through a shoebox of memories she collected since that day. Friendship bracelets poorly made that fell off her wrist, pictures she begged her mom to develop, the stub from the first movie they ever saw together... She looked through all the pictures of them growing up, his bright green eyes in each one. They lived around the corner from each other for the majority of their lives and hung out nearly every day. They went to the same schools and took the bus home together. As she looked past the pictures from the first day of secondary school and the ones of him starting his job at the bakery, Marisa began the scrapbook she decided to make. Picking out pictures and writing where they were taken and little things she wanted to remember. She made pages from their first school play when they were seven to them on the swings of that park when they were ten. Harry's twelfth birthday, every Christmas and New Year's ever, that one time he gave her a flower for Valentine's day when he was eight and she was seven.

She smiled as she finished about half of the pages, placing the friendship bracelets in the pages with the pictures from when he made them. Marisa wondered if he kept anything... probably not, he was a guy. They don't keep that stuff, do they? She checked her watch and say that it was half noon, he'd be coming over soon, but not before she finished the scrapbook. Marisa continued going through the pictures and sticking them to the pages. When his parents got a divorce, that time she scraped her knee running to his house, the way his hair changed over the years... She'd always had a fascnation with his green eyes; they were so different than her brown ones. In her eyes, he was perfect and he was her best friend and she was his. As she finished and cleaned everything up, she placed the book under her bed and ran down the stairs into her kitchen to eat something. As if she called him, he walked into the kitchen, raiding her fridge. After he practically emptied it, he sat down at the table next to her and dumped the contents in his arms onto the hardwood surface of it. Marisa eyed the amount of food he took out. Leftover pasta from last night, fruits, chocolate, two different juices and the milk carton, the Nando's he left in her fridge the day before and chicken her mother planned on throwing into a salad that night.

"It's like you're pregnant. Where do you put all that food?!" She said, sarcastically.

"I'm talented, babe." Harry responded, whilst shoveling food into his mouth, aka black hole.

It was Friday but they were off of school so they'd be watching a movie on her couch and then night football in her backyard. White Eskimo were no match for her, she was beast at football and would beat them as she always did. It had nothing to do with the fact that Harry wasn't on her team and he was a terrible football player.

"Love Actually! Love Actually!" Harry chanted, trying to put the DVD into the player.

"You're such a girl, Haz. It's not even Christmas." Marisa rolled her eyes.

"Yes, but it's October, so it counts. It's always Christmas to me." He tried to explain.

She just laughed and plopped herself onto the couch with the entire bowl of popcorn, purosely sprawling out so there was nowhere for him to sit apart from the floor.

"Hey!" He yelled as he turned around, noticing her position on the couch. "if you don't move, you're not going to like what I'll do." He warned.

"Bring it, curly." she put her game face on but couldn't stop the laugh when he jumped on her and laid ontop of her and watched the movie as if she were the couch. After much cussing and bargaining, he got his way and she moved over on the couch and he took the bowl of popcorn, refusing to let her have any of it.


After the movie ended (with Harry quoting the ending as the narrator said it) they texted the rest of the boys and she got ready to kick hiss ass.

The game lasted a total of 45 minutes before Harry made his team lose and Marisa did a little victory dance. When all was settled, they went back to his and raided his fridge since hers was empty. As they walked in, Anne greeted them, casually asking who won which earned a very frustrated face from one Harold Styles. Anne was so nice, she made them all food which Marisa thanked her for while the boys ate like pigs, which got Harry a glare from his mother, making him eat a little slower and actually wipe his face for once. As the boys took thirds, Gemma walked in and smiled at Marisa. The three of them had been great friends since day two (since day one Marisa saved Harry from Gemma's slide torture). The only reason she hadn't been with them that day was because she sucked at football almost as much as Harry did and she didn't feel like embarrasing herself in front of her kid brother and his friend. She always thought she was so cool since she was the oldest, but it was ok because she was so nice.

The next day, Marisa visited him at the bakery and went behind the counter to get herself a cupcake (on Harry's paycheck, of course). She would have worked at the bakery with him, but  she had her own job at a cosmetics shop that she was cutting at that time.

"You're a great singer, you should go for one of those programs... Britains Got Talent...or The X Factor... Go for The X Factor! You'll meet Simon Cowell and he'll love you and you'll be famous and on telly!!" She explained her plan to him for the thousandth time.

"Maybe." Ugh, that's what he always said.

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